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Posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 6:43PM :

In Reply to: Re: Forum with Ross posted by Melody from ( on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 5:26PM :

-Ah, Melody,
Your words are refreshing. About Aprim and the other "SKAHLERZ" at AINA, I couldn't agree more.

:: I hate to sound like Aprim, you know, pedantic, but I am pretty sure the forum was held on Sept. 24th. Who cares anyway? Does this inferiority complex of ours ever go away?

-Correct me (again) if I'm wrong, but if a person has an inferiority complex, doesn't that mean that they think they are better than everyone else? If that's the case, our community has the opposite. We have such a low opinion of ourselves and are always looking to get a good pat on the head from "outsiders"... like good dogs.

:: I used to worry about telling Americans I was born in Iran. I had visions of them wanting to beat me up because they would recall the hostage crisis of '79. After reading Fred's writings, I've gotten over this irrational fear. I mean, our part of the world has made major contributions to the world so why should I have to hide this fact and try to pass for white.

-Right again... years back I played Hockey... living in Canada means that you should know much about this sport. I digress, So I was in the lockeroom and somehow the subject came up and I told my team that I was "Chaldean". Well, it didn't take but a word to get a room full of white christians (my team mates) to start asking ignorant questions and even making insulting comments toward me. Oddly enough it was the two Jewish team mates who came to my defense and shut everybody up. Often when I'm at school or wherever and the subject of "background" comes up I hear everyone share that they are 1/8 Irish, 1/4 French 1/16 German, etc... and I tell them that I'm "Chaldean"... and they often ask me ignorant questions... but it's best to be patient and answer them because it's better for them to know what you are than for them to think that you are the stereotype on TV with bombs strapped to his/her back.

: Canadians have disappointed me after Sept. 11th. A sikh temple was burned down because it was mistaken for a mosque. And muslims did get harrassed. The most disappointing thing for me was the way mainstream media went along with the US on the 'war against terror' mantra. These days I cannot even listen to the CBC(Canada's public radio) without cursing and swearing. Our politicians just go along with what the US wants. There is hesitation on the Prime Minister's part about going to Iraq(Thank God) but Canadians sent troops to Afghanistan. I am more disappointed in Canada than in the US because I mistakenly thought Canadians were more informed,etc. The only reason Canada looked good in the past was because of its leaders. Pierre Trudeau was on good terms with Castro and Canadians did business with Cuba against US' wishes. Even before him, John Diefenbaker sold wheat to the People's Republic of China against US wishes. Now I am left wondering, where all the Diefenbakers and Trudeaus have gone.

-That is truly a shame. I used to travel to Canada often for Hockey trips and I always remember the signs that said "Cuban CIGARS sold here" and I would ask my father why Canada sold Cuban cigars but the US didn't.... it's a shame that Canada is going down this terrible path. At least you have health care... right?

One of my family members has a health insurance plan whose official stance on the human body is that "feet are not part of the living human body, therefore are not covered under our insurance". You wouldn't see that happen in Canada... you aren't controlled by the business interests like the US is... yet.

-- Jeff
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