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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, April 26, 2002 at 9:57PM :

In Reply to: Re: Me and Paul Newman posted by Gandhi from ( on Friday, April 26, 2002 at 12:44PM :

Don't agree. Children have all of Life inside of's we who wipe them out, never allowing them the time or opportunity to bring out the secrets each of us are born with...we are the ones who treat them as if they were blank pages to be writen upon and become whatever a parent, king or priest or 500 years France or China...we MAKE people, we don't trust them enough to become.

The schools of every country aren't "educating" anyone...they are producing citizens. To educate means to "bring out" is rather an institutionalized way of stuffing a turkey. The stuff crammed into children is supposed to be "learning" isn't, it's barely a kind of training...its real purpose to break the will and dull the mind and numb the heart.

And now...and finally...we have to drug them into torpor when they are desperately trying to warn us, like the canary miners take underground so when air becomes toxic the bird will stop singing, before it dies...something any moner knows is a signal to get out...but not us. Our children are dying all around us, are killing each other... while we are killing the children of other people before they can grow up and inflict the damage on us we DESERVE for what we are doing to them.

You can't very well stab a person in the heart and expect them not to bleed...but you CAN drug them so they wont mind...or realize it...or better yet, make their blood interchangeable with ice water...

-- pancho
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