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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 7:30PM :

In Reply to: you have it all wrong about me, Parhad posted by me from ? ( on Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 6:00PM :

: i don't give a damn how you paint me on this forum or for what reason.

+++The colors are yours...I can't help it if you're color blind as well.

all i can say is that you do NOT know me, except through 2 measly phone calls

+++If you don't stop trying to leave the impression that I call YOU all on my own and to breathe heavily into your rear, I wont do it I mean.

, a brief exchange via email, & whatever i feel like posting on this board.

+++Then stop posting bullshit and facile and glib and measely posts...stop giving us your WORST.

you have NO clue about my life history beyond what i say, & you have a very weak, biased opinion of me as a person.

+++Nice bite. You don't know how you really reveal yourself. You think I buy you at face value? That's what you get for studying been looking at the world through a microscope so long you've become a bug. Stop trying to fool us all into thinking you are an intelligent caring giant of a woman when you're a BUG!

: the truth is: i'm a helluva lot stronger than you think or will ever think about me.

+++How would i know that when you keep running out of here with a bad case of the vapors every other day? How the hell do YOU know it?

my request to you did NOT stem from personal discomfort over the thought of these children, but RATHER from a personal discomfort in the way that you portray them:

+++Hows about some discomfort over the way they are portrayed by this in DEAD! You want it cleaned up for you so you don't feel too bad come the weekend when Hunk lunges at you.

as if they have no dignity - to you, they are mere beggars that "hug knees." i think of these children & i realize that if it weren't for the powers that currently be, they would make wonderful friends, husbands, wives, lovers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers besides incredible & talented teachers, thinkers, doctors, lawyers, musicians, artists, scientists, etc. DO YOU SEE THEIR POTENTIAL? DO YOU SEE THAT IT IS LOST WHEN ANY CHILD DIES OR IS HURT IN A SIGNIFICANT WAY? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE EXTENT OF DAMAGE THAT IS DONE NOT ONLY TO A "NATION" BUT TO EACH INDIVIDUAL, EACH FAMILY, & EACH FRIENDSHIP??? HOW MUCH IS LOST WITH EACH DEATH, EACH INJURY, EACH TRAUMA??? NOT ALL OF IT CAN BE "REPAIRED" OR MADE BETTER, NATURALLY OR WITH THE HELP OF MODERN MEDICINE.

+++Another Hysterical Shemale. As if writing in caps proves sincerity and angst and the rest of it. No lady...all I see is a chance to act the smart ass.

: to CONSTANTLY speak of their "knee hugging," even as a joke, to make them into pathetic caricatures, strips these children of their DIGNITY.

+++Oh fuck you alright already...strips them of their dignity...what do you know of dignity ya damn Bug! Go yell at the person who makes them the objects of joy their suffering provides me with. Twit! You MUST be brilliant.

: THAT is why i do not wish to be your acquaintance anymore.

+++Is THIS what it's taking you ten pages to say? Is that how you got your making a term paper out of a sentence?

your behaviour disgusts me whenever you make flipant remarks about "knee hugging." make whatever sorts of guesses about my character that you want - i don't care.

+++I'd guess Hunk wont "go down"...on his knees..get it? Why shucks and fuck, there's a whole essay in them two dimpled thangs.

: arguing with you is a waste of my time if you refuse to acknowledge me as i am, as a unique individual.

+++How WOULD I KNOW just told me i DON'T know you!!

instead, you have done nothing but project your (biased) perceptions of other people on me & attempt to define me according to whatever it is that you think that i am.

+++I think you are one fucked up broad in college looking up the arse end of bugs and thinking you've found a universe in there. I also think it was a lot more than date rape and like most children in your place, me included, you think you deserved the awful way you were treated and you decided to live on the surface of things cause deep down inside it's all unsettled and hurts way too much to even think about going down there to try and sort things out, things that happened to hurt your feelings about yourself...things that happen to us all way before our minds are developed enough to figure out what we did wrong as against all the things that were done wrong to us. I further think that you decided to be giant among little things cause you aren't sure of the stature you might have had, had you not been chopped off at the KNEES!!!

-- pancho
-- signature .

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