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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 3:50PM :

Watched a brutal...I mean brutal, thing about how the White Christians treated the Africans in South Africa. Every injustice, every indignity, every cruelty you can ever imagine Christians practising against an innocent people was done there.

TuTu was a Christian also but that hardly counts...there were many fine Muslims too but we cut that religion no slack. We are the ones who harp on only the brutalities of the other's fair then to stress the many more manifest brutalities of its sanctimonious calling for forgiveness at the last moment and on Sundays has given it license to be unspeakably vicious six days a week.

Compare the reaction of the Black South Africans to our situation. First of all their country was stolen from them in modern times...and the theft was ongoing till they broke it...and they didn't have much success militarily...but placed their bodies on the line time and again until they wore out the White Christians...and in the process rallied public opinion to their cause around the world.

Their leaders, Nelson Mandela among them, didn't settle in Turlock or Chicago and taunt the racist Christians there into committing more heinous crimes so they could weep to the press. Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years and still managed to be a force regardless, winning the respect of numerous people...not through pawning his nation for a bit of cash...or press, but by living what he believed.

Then, when he was released and Blacks took over, instead or wreaking was their right and as the recent memories of all they had suffered would have impelled them to...they called for Truth and Reconciliation between Whites and Africans...they tried desperately to put aside hatred, to forget the murders and floggings and rapes...because they had work to do rebuilding a nation...real work, not nursery-work.

I wish the Assyrian Christians had a tenth of the class the Black Africans showed...but then you can't change your skin color, like you can religions.

-- pancho
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