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Posted by andreas from ( on Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 4:44PM :

In Reply to: Re: Punch, invite and welcome Mr Leuthold here .. posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 3:24PM :

: : Punch, invite and welcome Mr Leuthold here ...

: : Please, do me that favour!

: Andreas,
: Mr. Leuthold regularly reads here. He told me this in an email message.

+++ Yes, I know. Read those emails very carefully.

: He added that he wouldn't post here because it's not the realm of public opinion that counts. The only thing that counts to him is what happens in the court room.

+++ Sure, he's totally right - as far as that legal procedure is concerned.

+++ I meant to ask Punch on just that very proposition and beyond: Couldn't Mr Leuthold share his intelligence & experience with this forum?

+++ Could be a gold mine for him - all that slumbering potential of - still to be developed cases of - human rights, party and personal litigations.

: Promise me you will fly to California from Germany for the trial. It will be ANUws worthy story.

+++ Dear Jeff, I promise that I'll cover the trial. How good ? - Depends also on your (and Punchey's) openness.

+++ Going over to US myself?
I am a realist:
After all what I have only relayed and posted here, not to mention my purposedly scant comments - that would sent me directly to Guantanamo - espially as I'm a German.
We're on the US shooting list.

+++ But I have not only family members (very native, indeed) in the US but also a correspondent office. We'll see ...

+++ Can't say everything here on this forum.
Email me in private.

+++ Jeff Jaan, you are a fine guy.
Keep ears pricked up.

+++ beSheyna

-- andreas
-- signature .

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