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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, January 20, 2003 at 5:34AM :

Anwering your earlier message:

xxx It makes sense to me now, though. This is why you had such a hard time posting articles by Palestinians - because you don't know their side of the story as well as the Israelis (even though you did post some articles by Israeli human rights groups that were sympathetic to the Palestinians).
However, I remember that you were suspicious of Hanan Ashrawi & Ali Abunimah. I don't hold it against you - it's your perspective, & it's been moulded by your environment. "

### To jump at those conclusions and unwarranted judgments from the simple fact that I lived in Israel is a bit bold stuff, isn't it?

### Sadie, proceeding this way you're destroying any basis for a meaningful conversation and any trust.

### It should not be the final criterion if something "makes sense to you", just any sense: The minimum requirement is that you check your interpretation against realities.
You don't know - then ask!

-- andreas
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