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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 20, 2003 at 12:12PM :

Tomorrow I suit up...hip boots and all and wade into the arena.

So far, the last five times, or was it seven...going to court has consisted of sitting around waiting for our names to be called. I go up to the table next to Shawn or Ardell Johnson or both of them, answer to my name and listen as the judge asks if we're ready to come out of the corner and remove our dunce's hats.

Since I counter-sued everybody and his uncle and had to serve papers on them all, from California to Chicago to took some time to iron these things out.

I've droped my suit now so we're left with Jackie's...back to square one. This is a case management hearing...that means someone listens to both sides and tells you the odds of succeeding if you go forward. Since we're just defending's for Shawn to decide if he can win the thing...and if he can get anything for winning. There isn't anything for me to do...I have nothing to offer by way of resolving the issue out of court...the ball is in his court...and he's lucky he still has one.

If there was something Shawn could hold over my head, like offering to drop the previous default judgement if I would apologive and promise to be good...we'd have something to negotiate over. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other that he won the that's not going to get us anywhere.

If the legal type person hearing us out tells me I had better cooperate because I might lose if we go forward to trial...I'd say losing was a relative thing...and poses no risk for many ways can you NOT pay a fine?

If the person suggests to Shawn that he'll have a difficult time winning his case...or that if he wins he wont be able to collect anything...Shawn still has to go forward in hopes of getting some kind of order from the judge ordering me never to mention Jackie again. The trouble with that is that there all sorts of legal ways around would be difficult to enforce, but still it would give him something he could show jackie to justify the thousands she's spent....and he could claim that if I violate the order...the court could find me in contempt and I could wind up in jail...a long shot at best but it's SOMETHING.

There are a hundred ways to skin a cat...besides which I don't live in the United States and there isn't any extradition treaty for telling the truth about Jackin Bejan...her fame hasn't spread that far and no laws exist to punish "evil-doers" who refused to do evil with her.

In any case to get such an order we'd have to go to trial. If such an order was wouldn't cover the trial record..which is a public record, open to all and printable and postable anywhere you want to post or print it. We still have open government by the people...and if some adenoidal peepil with far too much leisure time on her hands wants to bring this into the pubic arena, then in the pubic aren it shall be.

All of the main points will have been made in court and recorded. including even the silly stuff...another reason you don't ordinarily find people suing over these things. Someone like Tom Cruise might as well sue because the word is already out there and is such a falsehood no one really believes it and by suing some pron star he can't hope to recover any money from just underscores the point that he must be innocent of these kinds of charges.

The gay pron stars attempts are cl;early motivated by a desire for publicity...and he gets it too. In my case I had nothing to fact it cost me even more to tell these usgly truths.

Jackie is most angry because I told the truth, not because I fabricated anything. The boob shots are hardly worth the trouble.

I could be wrong...but then again I could be right about the eventual outcome. I still think that if a jury hears the entire case, both sides of it...and considers the evidence and the malice in Jackie's actions, both towards Jeff and I, but also towards our community as a whole...a jury will find that she was hurt far less than the harm she herself caused. That's what trials are for...deciding these kinds of things.

Let the games begin.

-- pancho
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