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Posted by pancho from pool0918.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, January 20, 2003 at 5:06PM :

They're simply disappearing my posts at aina...while leaving up the brave challenges and "probing points"...like there IS no possible answer to make.

Ben writes this.......

"You obviously don't know what being an Assyrian is all about. Or perhaps you are not an Assyrian.


+++I think I figured out what the main criteria for being Assyrian is...or are...you have to be Christian first of all. You can be Muslim but you have to convert to Christianity and apologize first. Barring that...and among our "political" ones who think they've removed religion from the table...you have to "agree with them"...with whatever Assyrian you may disagree with, if you would be accepted as an Assyrian, you must "conforn". If you don't agree...you will be called a Kurd or Arab and have your Assyrianism questioned.

This presnts a curious set of requirements to be an Assyrian...and no wonder we can't come together and never will so long as each Assyrian demands conformity to his ideas, or group...and when that isn't forthcoming, casts out the disareeing party and removes his or her name from the list.

What will you get EXCEPT a mob of squabbling Monks...because who else demands this kind of conformity BUT the Church???

We look at those who don't agree with our "politics" as heretics.

-- pancho
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