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Posted by Jeff from ? ( on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 1:49PM :

In Reply to: Bullshit In...Justice Out posted by pancho from pool0247.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 1:18PM :

: Shawn didn't show up...some nervous fellow was there in his place. Ninety days from now we have to submit to arbitration. That's the next step...that means someone sits down with you and tries to resolve the thing...it also means the whole silly thing can get tossed out...no matter how much money Jackie has.

: That would be the worst case scenario for everyone but the court...who doesn't really want to sit through long descriptions of Jackie's body parts and just how much liberty you can take with them. In other words the whole thing lacks any merit...any legal basis to go forward...and always did.

: The fellow who wrote the nasty letter to Jackie can relax...if she does sue...just represent yourself and it too will get tossed out. She's just hyperventilating and can pay any lawyer to go along with her...don't let her intimidate you guys...ERASE THE INFAMOUS HALF-BREED!

: Now they all knew that going in I'm sure...it's just a part of her harrassment method...what adenoidal broads with money and a lot of spare time can do.

: If it does get tossed out...it just means having to take this thing one notch higher...there HAVE to be some grounds by which we can actually get into court. If all Shawn and Jackie wanted to do was be annoying and cost us both money...it will backfire far worse...except for Shawn, who makes out quite nicely, and can therefore afford to maintain his high moral demeanor.

: The one who gets hurt here is Jeff. I can't legally speak for him in court...therefore if he doesn't show up next time...or I can't fiund him a pro bono here...he could be stuck with a default judgement.

: So, Shawn...here's the deal. Drop Jeff from this thing...you both know he had nothing to do with it. If you do, I wont make the pink doll with accessories that's going to be the spitting image of Jackie Bejan. I also wont discuss rumors I've heard that Lincoln is Gay. I don't want to go back and examine these things to see if it was all just gossip...but you'd be amazed at how many people dislike those two.

: That wont happen till we move offshore...for obvious reasons.

: When someone sets his sights on you...at all costs...you're done for...they WILL get you. The very things Jackie hoped to avoid and put to bed...are going to grow and increase and become all pervasive and unstopable.

: I very much want what she claims she wants...to stop me. But this can only happen in court. I don't want this tossed out and if I have to I'll escalate until you either give it up...as you should never have started...or we get into court. These are civil matters...I have no money to pay any judgement and there isn't a whole lot you can do about that...I live in another country and can sell in other countries...and any sculpture I do sell in America will be paid for elsewhere.

: The best Jackie can hope for is that things don't get any worse...that we don't go back all over her dreary body...part by part. If we can't manage to get into court and the thing gets tossed...that means I can return to business as usual where she's concerned. I don't want to write any more about her, but I think the damage she caused is permanent, and my outrage and those writings should also remain permanent somewhere.

: But let's not make things worse...let's not drag Lincoln into this thing as well...or deal with the issues of my creating fantasies involving Jackie and the neighbor's labrador, and have us all have to go to court to see if I violated her by having a dog do it in a piece of fiction. And there's always the dog shit portrait

: I'm out of the Assyrian community anyway...don't need any Assyrian customers, so I could care less what any of them think.

: Let's cut the crap...you've hurt Jeff enough...cut him loose and let the people actually involved in this get on with it.

: Your balls are between your legs...you decide.


I respectfully disagree.

By all means, leave me in the case!

I will spend more of my own money (well, I'll charge it... not really "my" money) and fly out to California, embarrassing emails in hand. I hear that people are going to take off work for this case, and I have offers from several areas of California for free "room and board"... and a free meal or five at Shoopra.

I will not lose by default... I will defend myself, and if I lose I have no money to pay a settlement... so that's that.

Bring it on!

-- Jeff
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