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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 4:39PM :

Come on guys...quit foolin.

When we protest this governmet's a free tell us to get out of the country...when just three years ago, three short years, there was no Homelands Screwing Bill...there was no "Patriots Act", there was no though of spying on each hint of being held without charges or access to a lawyer or the ability to see your family...a time when there was some more prosperity than there is now...when we travelled freely and didn't need security forces at football games...this incredible change in the biggest Democracy in the world has come on at lightning speed,,,and you want us to move to KABUL because we don't like it??? Hell....we don't want THIS to become Kabul..that's the whole point.

Contrast that with Iraq...which is a "brutal dictatorship"...not the "Bastion of Freedom". Why CAN'T Saddam throw the people he wants to in jnail, if Uncle Sam can? Why can't Saddam ask undesireables to leave his country...if Uncle Sam can? Why can't Saddam execute the innocent, the poor, the disenfranchied...if Uncle Sam can? Why can't Saddam have prisons for dissidents...if Uncle Sam can?

And mind you...Saddam and his party have been in power far longer than these recent changes here ...which have come about also by a coup d' some ways we expect this type of behavior from a near military dictatorship...what's to protest???

But are you seriously going to tell us that it is AMERICAN to stand by silently and watch this happen to OUR country??? In the space of a few short years??? SHAME on more people for NOT rising up in protest...and no wonder you boys are so pleased...this is just the kind of tyranny you grew up in and approve of...all you're pissed about is that you never had the chance to BE the tyrants feel right at home in this new kind of America...don't you?

-- pancho
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