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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 5:05PM :

In Reply to: Socrates Manoukian posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 4:48PM :

I know you can't come out and tell me what I can do to help your case...but can you offer sly hints? The last thing I want to see is Jackie's case thrown out. I think we have a common interest in protecting giving her the chance to get me for two million...she DESERVES it! I WANT her to have it...please, please help.

For could say to me that if I print stories about Lincoln being gay...that will clinch it. Or if I describe steamy scenes involving Jackie and I and the gearshift lever on her bigger Mercedes...and how I got it into reverse once and gave her the thrill of her life, all at the same time...that if I write these things, even from an overseas will DEFINITELY lead to a court case.

I'm going to explore the possibility of casting a portrait of her in a lot of laying around the old ranch. Maybe it's possible to pour it into a plaster mold like I do with wet clay...and have it conform to the contours of the mold surface while it dries? Could be a whole new thing...I know it seems bizarre but you've got me worried...what if your entire case was bogus from the start and you knew it?

How about a painting...drawing really, with cat shit...highlights in dog chit...features in bird shit...backround in rabbit and goat shit...a frame of sheep shit??? Gimme a little help here...I'm drowning in bullshit!!!

You can help here...and save Jackie from further revelations.

Is there anything at all...anything...I can do between now and the arbitration hearing?

People with money can do this type of harrassment through the's legal. I'm like a poor country facing the United States...there isn't anyway I can match its wealth or might....there is no way or incentive for me to "play by the rules" when the rules are dictated at the end of a gun or a checkbook. So think of me as a Gorilla. I have to use Gorilla tactics...hit and run...hide in the woods...shoot from cover...hit 'em in the back, up the their sleep...anything I can...just like Washington or the Green Mountain Boys had to do.

Jackie can afford to march down the road, colors flying, band playing...drummers drumming...lawyers before and aft. I'd be stupid to bang a tin drum and step into the road...with Jeff hobbling alongside playing the in a bloody kerchief....we can't do that...sorry.

But it doesn't make Jackie didn't make King George right either...though the Law was on his side too. I have to fight back as best I can...and a Gorilla's tactics are best suited to this.

So this Gorilla out a little will you before I go apeshit? It's in your financial interest to do so...and therefore in your moral interests as well...cause there's nothing to make a guy sound more moral than a healthy jingle in his pocket.

-- pancho
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