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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 5:48PM :

In Reply to: Re: I have a q.... posted by Stella from ( on Tuesday, January 21, 2003 at 4:40PM :

: So then what do WE do?

This is what we learned at the teach-in:

1.) Protest publicly. You already do this, though.

2.) Talk to people one-on-one & get them to commit, during your conversation, to taking some sort of action, whether you suggest attending a political function, holding an informative meeting for a group of people, or writing to a congressperson. Sometimes, you can get the person to commit more readily to taking some action if you suggest you both do it together - e.g. both of you attend a function or hold a meeting, you write a letter to your congressperson together.

3.) Learn how to talk to groups of people. I didn't attend that session, so I don't have any pointers on that... I figure I give enough presentations at work as it is.

4.) Write letters to the editors of newspapers that you read that carry articles w/ pro-war propaganda in them. Write in response to a specific article or a current event. A LOT of people go to the Letters to the Editor section of the newspapers they read first thing, & the staff of the newspapers use those letters as "feelers" for how the general public views an event. It's important to get your letters published, so write in a manner that suggests you aren't out to hound the papers' editors to death (ahem, pancho).

5.) What I do: to everyone who sends me some stupid joke as spam email, I email them right back with an article from an alternative news source/news article with an anti-war slant. Who says all spam *has* to be stupid?

6.) What I did a couple of times, & this is good if you are attending a school: leave a few stacks of interesting bulletins about the sanctions' devastating effects on the citizens of Iraq, or whatever it is that you're concerned about, in a few key places where students & faculty will see these bulletins & be likely to pick them up (at a mail center for the school, etc.). Just for fun, I drop leaflets off anonymously: late at night, with gloves on, & dressed from head to toe in black, & I have an accomplice/driver waiting in an unmarked car outside the building with the car on. Makes me feel like I'm doing something subversive to "the system". : )

-- Sadie
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