A Helping Hand To Mr. Shahidi

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Posted by pancho from pool1006.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 2:20AM :

Why should you stand alone against Jackie and her paid moralist...you've given me an idea. Though I absolutely disagree with your claim that Jackie is out to rob anyone of money...and I can't see how you would know she has a hairy ass...I don't think you should be sued for millions of dollars for not liking her party and saying so...this ain't Kabul YET!

To test the waters and see if what you did is actionable...I'm going to follow your lead and e-mail my own complaints to the same people you did. If nothing else maybe Jackie will dare again to be as brave and forthright as she was with you...maybe she'll make a pubic response this time to me as well.

As a matter of fact...if anyone knows anything they'd like to get off of their chests...tell me about it anonymously and I'll investigate...if I think it's true...I'll write it up. I wont know who you are...so I can't tell anyone.

Will Jackie have Shawn add another complaint...a whole new lawsuit? If they toss it out against me..that means she can't get you.

The natives are getting restless...there might be a revolt on the plantation...who knows what else might pop up? Jackie is desperately trying to keep a lid on her rotten, but well coiffed self. If this gets away from her and she finds out she can't stop people from airing their negative views of her...you just might see this passionate lover of herself...and you too...fade away. Believe me, tears notwithstanding...she could give a shit about any of you...except insofar as you serve her purpose...which is to promote herself above all of you...and laught at you all behind your backs...like she used to do in my presence constantly.

Gee Jackie...if you had just bought some MORE sculpture...you'd have me, as well as Shawn, for "friends.

-- pancho
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