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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 10:11AM :

In Reply to: Am not! posted by Sadie from D007122.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 9:51AM :

: xxx I'm not being either. I like andreas, & I think he has good intentions, though those can sometimes be hard to see when he gets defensive

+++Yeah like a Skunk can make it hard to smell the roses.

- just like anyone else who becomes so defensive. I think he wants us, esp. YOU since you're a respectable artist, to be *more* politically active.

+++How dare you call me a respectable anything?

+++You must be joking! Bitching and whining is POLITICAL??? The guy is afraid of his own shadow...has a terminal case of, "please love me"....followed by "kick me again"! He can't speak in three sentences without telling you to "reflect"...that he'll, "be back later"...and other such dodges he's been recycling since he began. A spoiled, noxious brat...pissed off cause he can't
impress US...lowly US...who he's been led to believe are so easily impressed by Maggoty Whites.

+++Join the SPCA you want to be kind to dumb beasties.

I think he gets frustrated by other peoples' *apparent* political apathy, & wishes those other people were more proactive, in general.

+++You mean like HIM? He is pro-active? Try retroactive...try radioactive. He thinks in cliches and writes in fortunecookie.

: xxx & anyway, I never wanted those lace panties - that's why I gave them away. Find someone else who'd put better use to them!

+++Look...sweetcheeks...when you get a high school sweater you don't give it to someone else when you break up. That's and I are through. The age difference was always a problem anyway..."why can't they let us be"? I'm returning them...only wore tham on special occasions...but they've lost their shine...and deeper meaning.

-- pancho
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