"Not War"...Not Good Enough

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Posted by pancho from pool0138.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 7:25AM :

One could cynnically conclude that Americans opposed to the war are going to achieve a non-execution of a person who doesn't even deserve to be on Death Row...who's been languishing there all this time...and will be left there to rot slowly..."alive", but hardly worth the designation..

I know, I know..."one thing at a time"...and, "let's get a stay of execution first". But it's just as likely that we'll high-five each other for averting a war...when the whole point has been to keep Iraq bleeding. Will any of this translate into reparations and justice? Will we also get our foot off of their throat?

I personally never believed there would be a war...that Osamas and Saddams are an integral part of the way America conducts "foreign policy"...that a big bad terrible guy is an ally of the United States wherever he is...even Castro...even GRENADA have been worked up into "serious threats". And what would Sharon and his type have done without Yassir Arafat?

Keeping the drumbeat of war going has been the war. Just like we "won" the Vietnam War...won our objective by just going to war. If all this stuff stopped against Iraq today...you could still make the case that big bidness won a huge victory there...actually here...but by threatening to go over there.

It's a whole new way of winning wars. Wars that are fought against the American people really, by their own leadership...the booty or pay-off being first to drain the treasury...then borrow some more...with the same guys "lending" the money and getting the interest...as well as winning the political battle on the home front by getting to stacking the courts etc. and position themselves and their cronies to win the "peace" as well. Americans may not tolerate being an occupying force...especially as they don't want any of our boys and girls killed...but they have to no objection to putting the slow death of another country on the back burner, keeping it there because we need to maintain, "our way of life".

Maybe a horrible attack on Iraq would have aroused our guilt at least...would have won more sympathy for Iraq in the world and led to a dismantling of the Sanctions and subesquent theft of Iraqi resources and the future of their children. Maybe.

This way...with a victory for America's battered conscience...it will be business as usual...and business is what American politicians are all about.

-- pancho
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