Affirmative Action

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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 9:35AM :

Here's what you do...first you place every obstacle you can in the way of Blacks...or anyone else. You make it virtually impossible for them to be free to succeed or fail on their merits by loading them with enough liabilities to make failure a foregone conclusion...then, after years of violent protest and struggle, you "relent" and put in place something called Affirmative open the doors up and let all the wounded and crippled and destroyed Blacks out of their pen, and tell them to run the good'll even "help".

Then, when a Powell or a Thomas or a Condi cross the finish line...with all that "help" say to the nation, "See...they can do just fine...they don't need special help"...and you shut the system down...remove the "unfair advantage" you GAVE them, as a gift...a "wrongheaded one" but a gift nonetheless...and tell the rest of them who didn't win the race...and their children...that "two wrongs don't make a right". And you smugly and sanctimonioualy deny medicine to the children of Iraq.

If two wrongs don't make a right...if having "reverse discrimination" is just as wrong as discrimination...even when you're trying to make up for a long standing and most unfair injustice...then how come we kill people to teach them that it's wrong to kill?

If killing is wrong, then why compound the murder by having the State committ cold blooded murder as well? If the vcitim's family has a right to some come the victims of Racism and Sexism have no right to any closure?

How come? because the White Man rules...and will continue to try to rule.

Harry Belafonte spoke the simple, awful truth...these Affirmative Action House Slaves are indeed helping Massa maintain his hold.

Governor Ryan of Illinois did the right thing, even as a Republican...which shows you that when it doesn't stand a chance of hurting him...a politician will do the right thing.

-- pancho
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