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Posted by pancho en Mexico! from ( on Friday, January 24, 2003 at 7:29PM :

In Reply to: BOW before the mighty corporate penis! posted by Sadie from ? ( on Friday, January 24, 2003 at 3:57PM :

Our fascination with pornography can be traced back to the "Evil Flesh", the name for the penis in old Hebrew. Half the thrill, if not more, comes from the fact that it IS dirty! It`s the sense of committing a big sin that is the turn-on. Make it clean and wholesome AND torrid...and it loses its appeal. Every single thing done in porno movies, that is consensual and doesn`t inflict pain...was first invented by loving couples...or refined by them. Porn is a caricature...a simulation of the real thing...and it shouldn`t come as a shock that civilized especially, would prefer approximations to anything real.

Reminded of the film, "The Emerald Forest" in which a group of miners in Brazil kidnap some native women to work in a bar for gold miners. The women are gloriously and unabasedly nude...not only that but sex is no big deal...and they own so little that no one ever thought of owning the women and there isnn`t anything much to pass down so no one is worried about being legitimate or not...and further the entire tribe cares for all the children because they are all THEIR children.

The women are perfectly happy making love as they please...and oddly enough, you get the feeling that they aren`t obsessed with it...and neither are the men. With hardly any taboos to turn anyone on, or getting you feeling "naughty" becomes as close to "natural" as can be. Civilized Humans must be the only animals who`ve invented ten thousand reasons to have sex.

Anyway, these naked and willing women, willing under the right circumstances...are taken to the bar whorehouse where the men tart them up in mini-skirts, fish net stockings, see-through blouses and the rest of that stuff...while the women giggle and titter and can`t figure out why the men are dressing them up if sex is point. Their men come rescue them and everyone gets what they deserve.

What really happened in the late 60`s and 70`s wasn`t sexual was liberated smut...more and better ways to enjoy feeling dirty.

-- pancho en Mexico!
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