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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, January 25, 2003 at 3:42PM :

Once again Zindalite is all Christian all the time. Every time three nominal Assyrians get together they discuss what this or that religious person said or did. Outside of Christianity there isnīt any content to Assyria. We are a religious sect hiding behind one ethnic name, "Assyrian"....because we canīt stand the alternative, "Arab".

Just what is "Assyrian" about us anyway? Every time I ask one of us this question I get a variation on this openning statement..."We Assyrians were the first Christïans..." and itīs downhill from there.

Christians among us are apologetic and almost ashamed of what we were before Christ...of the terrible nasties we did...when weīre the ones who gave them Jews whatever the Egyptians didnīt get around to. A Christianīs pride or love or value for the ancient Assyrians is limited to their significance as a sacrifice made on the altar of Christ...look from where we came and what we gave up...for THIS!

The Jews lost their country as well and it was never on a par with Assyria, not in a Jewīs wildest dreams...yet even they didnīt go running to Christ...they kept faith with their own god when they went roaming in their Diapers. Assyrians seemed to have thrown out the baby with the bathwater...if the empire was gone who needed Ashur...and thatīs what weīve been doing since...down till today when weīd just as soon see "dear" Assyria blown up if it canīt be ours.

There isnīt any non-religious content in Assyria and at that it isnīt even our religion. If Christianity, an offshoot of Judaism is good for us, then why not pay to protect Israel today...why not??? What value do we see to our ancient ways, sprung from the soil of Nineveh, when we show so little regard for the god of that place. No wonder we donīt mind the destruction going on there now. Werenīt we among the first to turn our backs?

Frankly my dear..."Assyria" is a boring place and most of our Assrins an embarrassment.

-- pancho
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