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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 0:39AM :

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Re: Mar Rabban al-Qas

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Written by NIKKO on 28 Jan 2003 02:46:36:

As an answer to: TRAITORS OF THE NATION written by JANEY GOLANI on 28 Jan 2003 01:14:07:

Mar Rabban al-Qas is the bishop of Amadia and resides in the nearby Chaldean village of Komane. I had the pleasure of meeting him early last June, as he was sitting in the porch of the village church, his collar unbuttoned, relaing in the shade. I took him at first for a simple priest, but was soon proved wrong.

He at first seemed like a nationalist, speaking of the ancient Assyrian city of Ukama which now lies under the present village of Komane. He also noted that one of Nineveh's 12 gates led to Ukama and explained how his family originally came from the village of Zerini in the Jilu region of the Hakkiari mountains - a fact betrayed by his deep blue eyes and fair complexion.

But then he began, "We cannot call ourselves Chaldeans nor Assyrians. Both of these names divide us, even though both describe us perfectly. The name that unites us is Syriacs (Soraye)." He then pulled out an old church book where Chaldeans are called "Eastern Syriacs". "You see," he said, "This name also unites us with the Syriac Orthodox and Catholics who are the West Syriacs."

He finally stated with great pride, "But we must all know, this is Kurdistan and I am a Kurdistani. I am a Kurdistani Christian - a Syriac of Kurdistan." This confirmed rumors I had heard of his calling Chaldeans "Kurdistani Christians" in official letters and speeches - including one he gave earlier that year at St. Sultanmahdokht's "shera" (feast) in Araden.

It all went downhill from there as he spoke of building settlements for Kurds on the land of Komane's Chaldean villagers. He called this a "peaceful solution" to them actually living in the village itself... "with love anything can be solved," he said, "And we must show love to our Muslim Kurdish brothers."

He ended his meeting with us by speaking out against the ADM and Rabi Yako... it was awful...


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