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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 12:33PM :

In Reply to: Re: One More... posted by Tiglath from ( on Monday, January 27, 2003 at 9:07PM :

It would help our cause in the MidEast if we didnīt keep running after our co-religionists. This last exercise in wishfull thinking where we believed the Sanctions and war on Iraq would be of benefit to us Christians...and others maybe, although that wasnīt really our concern...helps give us that black eye in the MidEast we so well deserve.

It would help if we stopped refering to Aramaic as the language JESUS if that was the most significant thing to ever happen to the language...what about claiming it as the language of Ashurbanipal? UIt has been the Asstians insistance that everything Assyrian MUST be Christian that has perhaps cooled the Muslims towards giving Christians any our constant running to the West has reaffirmed.

On the whole Muslims have been far more tolerant of Christ than Christians ever were of Muhammad. I know all about the brutalities etc....but itīs a two way street.

So long as inter-religious strife was something between the people of the MidEast it was manageable...but his calling in of the Brits and Gringos for help has soured things for the Christians.

Ultimately, it is the Christians who are in the minority and will have to learn to abide by what the Muslims decide...and as we donīt seem to mind at all becoming Americanized...whatīs so bad about being "Arabized".

I want neither...but I recognize it is more for me to be tolerant and accepting than for the the pitched battle thatīs been raging for centuries between these two religions...Muslims have had nowhere else to go...while weīve had all sorts of options. They fought hard for what theyīve won and still it isnīt secure. Iīm hardly in a position to tell them anything about how they should be whatever they want to be.

If Aprim is an Assyrian and the Ghassbag is a Chaldean and a pig can be a German then an Iraqi can be whatever he or she wants to be.

-- pancho
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