The Ammish: Traitors?

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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 1:25PM :

Go anywhere in the United States and youīll find regional differences not to your liking...yet we donīt call these people "traitors" because they arenīt. Even though the Ammish have so many marked peculiarities in a religious as well as a secular content, we still accept them as Christians and Americans. In fact we take delight in their ways and people travel hundreds of miles just to be near them for an hour or two.

This has been the real strength of America...this embracing diversity even when half the nation fought against it and still does in ever increasing numbers.

What our Asstians do is insist on such a rarefied criteria for inclusion under the name "Assyrian" that what they have is a "Bubble Boy" for an identity...something that canīt exist outside of the sterile little tube they force themselvces into.

Neither Chaldeans nor Assyrians are going to achieve a damn thing in their National Question issues. Both of them are scaring off their children who canīt see a single advantage to being ethnic, the way their mad parents and leeders define the term. Itīs like willingly breaking your own feet, or wearing a chadour...who the hell wants to be ethnic when it almost requires you to talk in tongues and make absolutely no sense to the guy down the street...whom you have to live next to and whose children yourīs will play with one day.

These are idle, illiterate, barely civil engineers and teachers and doctors who are desperate to have some mark of distinction in a land made of millions of other Christians and where they feel somehow "out of it", so they claim to be descended from Ashurbanipal by way of Jesus of Israel.

The sad part is that they obscure the very wonderful and real contributions others could make to the world by acknowledging and expanding and defining what it could mean to be a descendant of the ancient Assyrians.

Why only the Italian, German, Dutch, French, German or Britiah tradition in America? Why only add the Jewish impact in the modern era? Why not the Assyrian...the Iraqi...the Ethiopian...and not just in food either. Thatīs what these White Boys are really afraid of...that the Constitution will allow us to bring our Bubbling Brown Honey to America.

-- pancho
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