Mel Gibson and Christ

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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 3:02PM :

At aina Raman is waxing passionate over Gibson´s movie of Christ in which they speak Aramaic...THE LANGUAGE THAT CHRIST SPOKE! They´re making a big deal out of its graphic nature..."see Jesus REALLY bleed for you"! FEEL the pain as the nails get pounded in!" Is this his revenge for all those Jewish bankers who "own Hollywood"?

It can´t be a total coincidence that the Muslim world is being attacked on two fronts, by Christians and Jews...there´s an unholy alliance. I guess we´re supposed to be really impressed and saddended that he endured all that for us, Jesus not Mel. is much harder to stand by helpless as your child dies of cancer, in a filthy ward in a once wealthy Iraq...than it is to decide yourself you´re going to play along with the insane god who demands your death.

I think Jesus was a good man...who died a criminal´s death at the hands of the most brutal killing machine ever...that then adopted his religion and turned it into their greatest weapon.

Gibson says it´s time we listened to the wise words of Jesus because the world is going crazy. I´d say it is going crazy because we HAVE listened to the words, but selectively. At this point, "more Jesus", is not what the doctor ordered. As beneficial and balm-like as that notion might appear to is like adding gasoline to everyone else.

What Gibson doesn´t say, and what no one who touts Jesus says, is that what he actually said we should do in the way of kindness to one another had been said before and since by many people. What makes Jesus unique, and anathema to people who don´t buy the larger this resurrection business...which is why people flog Christianity, and not because it is a "kind" religion.

Gibson and the rest of them believe that to be saved is everyone´s wish...and since it can only be done through Jesus...he and others should work real hard to "save" the rest of us dummies.

What more does Christianity want to conquer it doesn´t own already? The Jews barely have a corner on this earth. All that is left are the Muslim lands...and that´s what all this Jesus business is about...the same excuse the last batch of missionaries used to rob and rape people.

You have to understand how absolutely scary Christianity is to non-believers...not because Jesus wants you to be kind to one another and the rest of us want to be cruel instead...but because it provides the cover, the motive, the benign sounding goal of "saving" you right out of your ass and home and country. THAT´S what the rest of us see when the vanguard appears bearing its cross...the one they´ll crucify YOU on if you don´t watch it. did better as a chicken.

-- pancho
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