His: Shit Above - Yours: Shit beneath

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3BFE0.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 3:23PM :

In Reply to: The Manhole Cover And Shumirum posted by pancho from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 at 2:36PM :

: I have a sculptor friend, a Jew. Good sculptor, good friend...let me use his studio in Berkeley when I needed to.

: He took his family on vacation about three years ago to Mexico, a litttle coastal town called Melaque...where weīd been before. Itīs just south of the site of the infamous "Mexican Land Swindle".

: He happened to notice a very unusual manhole cover, about 24 inches in diameter on the main cobblestone street. On a background of criscrossing lines, there was a Star of David. A very unusual patern to find in such a place...almost as if it was an intended slur...the sewers of Mexico being notorious.

: Whether he liked the design, or was offended and wanted it removed...he bought another one from the city, without that pattern, which by the way was on no other...and got a couple of people to pry the old, shit-encrusted one out of its place. They had to wear rubber gloves and doused the cover and each other in Clorox till their eyes burned.

: He brought it back, dónīt know what he told Customs and put a lovely patina on it and mounted it in his studio...an altogether handsome piece.

: I canīt help but compare his response to even a shit cover, but one with a Jewish emblem on it..the reverent care and trouble he took to salvage it and even transform it into "Art"...and our own forlorn, $200,000 bronze, larger than life-size monument of a "beloved" queen, eagerly anticipated by a city like Chicago. The one gathering dust in a corner for six years and counting, while a sewer cover is lovingly transformed into "Judaica".

: Itīs the shits...any way you look at it.

: Assrin Pride Indeed!

+++ You don't understand:

+++ His was only shit-Covered - Yours: Shit beneath valuable dust and smear.

+++ But: You might be on the right track when trying to compare Jewish culture and Assyrian "culture".

+++ But that makes all the difference:
The Jewish culture is all spiritual substance and personalized culture lying at the heart of any Jewish individuum - While the "Assyrian" is (STILL !) all shallow pretension rolled out in a substitute dream-world of semantic re-definitions and self-decetive manoevres, emotional concepts & words which its followers are fallen in like in a trap - since they can't even clearly define them, not to mention that they can ever live them - for the very LACK OF SUBSTANCE: Victims of their own life/breathless ideology.

+++ Punch, you might think I'm saying this only out of enmity, hate or whatsoever for "Assyrians":
Just the opposite: I deeply wish your situation would be different.

+++ But it will NEVER be any different if you won't have the courage to strike any balance of your real situation, learn from others where appropriate (NOT ASSIMILATE!) ... and finally build your own culture - not on lies, conceit and self-invented prive, nationalistic propaganda and self-intoxination - but on pure, simple facts - even if you have to muster the courage to set out to discover & find them yourselves instead of being fed (with?) them collectively in an atmosphere of lemming-like numbness.

+++ A tip: Simply pretend nothing, but start asking honest questions - especially on your history and identity - and have the moral courage to face any answers, even if not that comforting and pleasant as you'd like.

+++ Everybody knows that this will require a lot of courage, discipline and endurance:
Thus the respect of the world's nation will be yours.

+++ We are all waiting for you, Brothers & Sisters

-- andreas
-- signature .

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