On Traitors

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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Wednesday, January 29, 2003 at 6:20PM :

Tariq Aziz...Danny George...two Christians doing well in Iraq, and there must be many more. Our boys would call them traitors and sell-outs. What do you have to do to be a good citizen of Iraq...move to Chicago and piss and moan?

My fatherīs family was chased out of Urmi by Muslims...another set of Muslims took us in...to Iraq. My father attended school in Iraq, became a doctor at government expense...served 8 years in the army, reached the rank of major, earned several medals...was recruited by another Muslim country, Kuwait...was sent to America to study Psychiatry at government expense...returned to become the head of the Health Department...a Christian.

It seems if you were a Christian and had your head on straight, it was possible, and still is, to get along just fine.

Letīs not forget that when the escape from Urmi happened...and when Simele happened...they were lynching people in America and citizens were routinely denied basic human rights. Letīs not forget that the Black doctor who developed the technique for separating blood so the plasma could be used to save thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives...Black and White...was allowed to bleed to death outside a White hospital in Carolina because he was Black, a Christian, but a Black one.

No one has a lock on virtue. Blacks didnīt run to Germany or Japan to help fight their opressors in America...on the contrary, Japanese and Black soldiers served with distinction up until the Vietnam War, when theyīd finally had enough..and even then took to the streets in Civil Rights marches and non-violent protests...and it was no cakewalk for them...but they struggled right in the belly of the beast...didnīt go pissing and moaning and denouncing and tearing at each other.

What we have is a Christian sub-sect that has elected itself Assyrian because it lends some class and polish and distinction to what would otherwise be the most awful gang that couldnīt shoot straight you ever saw. And they canīt get it right even in America where no Muslims attack or disrupt them...where they go on behaving as if they were being kept after school.

Who gives a good goddamn which Chaldean fuses with which Assyrian, or if they all go to hell together...what difference does it make anywhere?

Iraq is Assyria and Chaldea and Babylonia and The Arabian Nights and Haroun the Great all rolled up in one. Christians have made themselves unwelcome there by calling down death and destruction on the people and country whenever they didnīt qualify for a job...or didnīt get the respect they felt they deserved for turning and remaining Christian.

We can join, if we want to and if we behave ourselves..but we havenīt been calling the shots there for 1300 years, and that isnīt going to change no matter how many civilians Bush kills. In America...where we are free to be as idiotic as we want...we will remain a well kept secret...thank god.

-- pancho
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