Weapons Of Mass Bullshit

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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-13.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Thursday, January 30, 2003 at 6:07PM :

Even if Saddam had these weapons...there is no precedent under international law to demand that Iraq...among all the war-mongering and murderous nations on earth, be forced to unilaterally get rid of them. Iraq in it´s history has participated in three local wars and various actions against the Kurds within its own borders.

It has never started a World War...it has never atacked Grenada, The Dominican Republic, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and any number of other countries it too could have travelled ten thousand miles away to pick a war with. It has always maintained that the Brits had no business deciding to lop off Kuwait...that´s all. It merely wanted to address what it considered an injustice...and even got clearance from the United States to do so.

When atacked during the first Gulf War...at a time when it had far more arms than now, Iraq didn´t attack Israel and use these terrible things it supposedly has against anybody.

So where´s the big deal...what´s this awful fear that if Saddam has one bomb, he´s going to send it against New York? I think the United States government FEARS this kind of retaliation because it knows damn well it has been provoking innocent people...pushing their backs against the wall in ways NO AMERICAN would tolerate.

Iraq is a soverign nation whose president, dictator that he is, has yet to starve any other nation´s children. The United States poses a far greater threat to world peace than any ten Iraqs...and no, I´m not going to Kabul...and yes I am an American...one who despises what these CEO hucksters have been able to pull off by convincing the rest of us shmucks that they are politicians and statesmen...when they´re the same bosses who lay off workers and send them and their families into the streets to beg.

They´ve just gone international.

-- pancho
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