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Iīm sorry but this is geting a little too precious.

Are we saying that if there is no war with Iraq, there has been a victory? Was what the first Bush and Clinton did to those people okay? Would it be fine with Americans to go on starving the people of Iraq so long as a war didnīt come along to discommode them by raising gasoline prices, cutting off supply or risking their precious children...far more dear to them than Iraqi children must be to their parents?

Hereīs a dumb question...if a war started...would it lead to the end of Sanctions? Does anyone in the oil bidness want Sanctions to end? Is it better to have a "no war victory"...with the Sanctions remaining in place...or a war that would topple Saddam, perhaps...and take away the excuse for Sanctions?

If Iraq went "democratic" it might do what OPEC and the Shah did in the 70īs...control the price and flow of oil much to the U.S. oil bidnessīchagrin. Do we REALLY want a strong and free and democratic Iraq, controllling its own destiny and all those good sounding things on our brochure? Think again.

Are we falling for something here by first being led to believe there could be a war...then getting ourselves righteously agitated and working to avoid a war that is being "waged" already...with the end result that we will go giddy with delight when we "stop" a war that never had to happen in the first place...a war better "fought and won" as it is right now...right now while we buy into what might only be a diversion anyway.

Something really screwy about all of this if you back away from it and take the long view...thatīs what those Think Tank boys do...thatīs how we got here in the first place. Fortunes have been made already. This could all stop tomorrow and several more billionaires have become "Made Men".

Follow the money...Always.

-- pancho
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