Rosa Parks

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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 31, 2003 at 12:14PM :

One woman who had more sense and pride and courage than any ten Assrin Patrots and Worriers. Can you imagine what it took to defy Jim Crow in the South? For a woman, a Black woman...someone as low on the totem pole as could refuse direct orders from white officials and polic refuse to get up and give her seat on the city bus to a white man who was tired enough to deign to sit in the back, the Black section.

Which of our boys would have done that?

Instead they would have emigrated to Chicago, set up a political party, started a radio station and held meetings to demand the destruction of the South, and the return of THEIR cotton plantations to their "rightful" owners.

What we are accustomed to calling "Assyrian" is merely Christian...Christian Iraqi or Christian Syrian or Christian Turk. We claim we all came from Assyria, and insist all Muslims came from Arabia. Tell me something...where is there ANY scholar of ours whoīs gone past the third grade, who has been able to land a job teaching these things...or published a book with these "facts" anywhere but with a Christian Publisher?

The absurdities we use against Islam, come back to bite us on the ass. If Islam is foreign to Iraq, then so is Christianity. If Christian Assyrians have a right to that land, then so do Muslim Assyrians. If anyone found today in Iraq, who happens to be Christian, is a rightful and true descendant of Ashurbanipal...then any Muslim found in Iraq must be the same.

The religion of Islam proved more popular, more enduring, more lasting and better able to fend off the Romans than Christianity was to fend off either. Not every Christian back then was enamoured of Constantinople and the Byzantine Emperors.

Claiming they must be the ONLY Assyrians is mere an end run around this thorny fact that Christ has been shown to the door in the MidEast preceisely because of the meddling of the West...the same kind of meddling our Christians are calling for more of...and the end result will only be the further dwindling of >Christians in the MidEast...and good riddance says I. They have shown themselves ever ready and willing and eager to betray their neighbors and fellows to foreign invaders and theives. No one has given Christianity more of a black eye in the MidEast than the zealous all zealots destroy the credibility of their more modertae fellows.

There is no right to an Assyria anywhere. There is an Iraq...and the religion there is Islam. Christians who behave themselves, like Muslims who must also behave...can live in the kind of peace and harmony 9indigenous to that region. The rest of you who yearn for Western democracy can come to America, arm yourselves, steel your children, chain them to your doorstep, install iron gratings...lash them to their beds so they wont be kidnapped at night...where armored vests when you eat at Burger King, and hope you arenīt one of the over 11,000 people killed by gunfire each year.

These things donīt happen in the MidEast...they donīt happen where people still know what to value. Their most serious problems have come from the meddling of this self-same murderous nation that has yet to figure out what "Freedom" means. Leave them alone and they will evolve and mature just fine...something that scares the West.

-- pancho
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