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Posted by Jeff from d53-237-236.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Friday, January 31, 2003 at 3:15PM :


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Written by Ghassan on 31 Jan 2003 01:59:30:

As an answer to: CHALDEAN NATIONAL CONGRESS-Pathokhoun ela Koma written by Janey Golani on 30 Jan 2003 23:15:10:


Please, stop spreading your lies. You were NOT in that meeting and what you're passing is incorrect. I had a word with Mr. Kassab and his version of events is completely different than yours. You're simply a liar.

Chaldean National Congress does consider itself in opposition to the regime of Saddam Hussein. It's in close contacts with other members of the Iraqi Opposition and highly values their efforts, and will continue to work with them till a new bright dawn shines on Iraq.

Chaldean National Congress, and through its members around the world is doubling its efforts to make sure that Chaldean representation is secured in the Coordination and Follow Up Committee that was established by the recent IO meeting in London. During that meeting, Assyrian groups voted 6 out of 8 to work towards the removal of any mention of Chaldeans in the final press release of that conference. They had partial success.

Chaldean National Congress will work to rectify that situation and to make sure that Chaldean ethnic, political, and cultural rights are secured in the new Iraqi constitution. It will also worke towards securing the representation of Chaldeans in the Coordination and Follow UP Committee despite all the dirty attempts of some Assyrian groups in blocking that. Rest assured that CNC and its supporters will not rest till that goal is secured.

On another note, What's this sudden love of yours with Chaldean Federation? Weren't you kicked out of it in the most insulting way a person could be fired?? Didn't the Chairman of the Federation call the police to make sure that you never enter the building again? He even had a certain individual stands guard on the building to make sure you don't enter it illegally?

Stop your pathetic attempts to gain some lights to cover up your miserable position in Detroit where no one is interested in dealing with your kind. Your attempt to put CNC against Chaldean Federation will not succeed. Rest assured of that. Chaldeans do not work like others, we might differ here or there, we might argue over this or that, BUT at the end Chaldean Federation is an extention of the Chaldean National Congress and CNC is an extension of the Chaldean Federation. We're ALL CHALDEANS who will work towards the betterment of our people and we will NOT allow any outsider, foreigner, or a person like yourself who despises her identity to stand between us. This is something you must learn about how Chaldeans work... Ms. Assyrian.


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Written by Janey Golani on 31 Jan 2003 05:47:22:

As an answer to: Re: CHALDEAN NATIONAL CONGRESS- written by Ghassan on 31 Jan 2003 01:59:30:


I must have hit a nerve?. I am not spreading lies. I am only speaking the truth. I have asked and confirmed this information with 7 people who were in the room that night and that is what was said. Now when you call me a liar you are calling all 7 of those people a liar.

>On the other note, my love for the Chaldean Federation is not sudden. I have always believed in the organization and what it stood for. I do not join organizations or believe in them because of the people who run them, I believe in them because of what they stand for and what their mission statement is.

Bye the way, I was never kicked out of the building. I was never insulted either. The police were never called. And I always go into the building. I think you are confusing me with someone else. When I left my employment with the Chaldean Federation, it was on a friendly and respectful term with myself, Saad Marouf, and Salam Yaldko was in the office at the time. I left when I was ready to leave, So I have 2 witnesses and you have none. But why not state the reason I left? Because you and your buddy Joseph planted and manipulated over and over about an assyrian working in the Chaldean Federation office? How could that be? That would ruin all your plans wouldn't it Ghassan? It's okay, becuase you forget the Assyrian American National Federation is right next door and Yes, I am on a very friendly basis with all the members of the Chaldean Federation, including the Chairman especially after they seen the truth about you.

As far as my miserable position in Detroit where no one is interested in dealing with my kind, all I can say is that I and my kind have recieved through emails, letters, phonecalls and even flowers an overwhelming amount of support from the Detroit Chaldean Community AGAINST YOU AND YOUR KIND.....


MS. ASSYRIAN (i like that) thank you

-- Jeff
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