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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, February 03, 2003 at 3:27PM :

In Reply to: sure posted by Sadie from D007070.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Sunday, February 02, 2003 at 4:43PM :

There are only so many ways to make a lot of money left. Weīre not talking about making a good enough living for yourself and family...weīre talking about the promise of obscene wealth. You only get that by stealing...dress it up any way you is theft.

To do that you have to rip people off. Bush may be temporary, but the deals he makes with others as eager to get rich quick at the expense of their own people will have the force of Law and be binding on the children not yet born.

Thatīs what the IMF was infamous for. They made questionable loans they knew damn well were greasy to say the least...and they knew the top henchman would skim a good percentage off the top...that was part of the deal...the signing bonus.

Doesnīt matter. They have the resources of the country locked up for the next several years...thatīs what counts.

Capitalism as a system, as a philosophy, is would have to. The trouble is it can take the planet with it. The idea of seeing everything in terms of profit and loss will eventually lead to loss, more loss and only loss. The whole motive behind Capitalism is not to enhance the quality of life of your workers...something Capitalists use as a front...the point is to use them and their water, air and trees to make as much money for yourself as you can.

We have a Playstation 2 here...itīs modified so it can use pirated cdīs and games that cost a hell of a lot less. I am ripping off Warner Brothers...who are themselves ripping off their artists and customers. I feel wonderful about it too. I encourage my children to fight back in this way as well...better than a Revolution one day. When these corporations pay their owners 100 and 200 times what the workers make...when they cook their books and lie outright to rob widows and orphans of their savings and retirement benefits...I say screw them every chance you arenīt really screwing yourself, as they try to make it seem because theyīre gonna steal as much from you as they can regardless of what you do. Mount a cross and die meekly or rip them off right back...theyīll still behave towards you like any money you have in your pocket really belongs to them and should be theirs in any way they can get it from you.

Two wrongs donīt make a right...but I donīt deal in rights and wrongs. I want a little bit of my own...Iīll settle for a more equitable distribution of the Shaft...if I canīt get justice and fair play.

-- pancho
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