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Posted by andreas from dtm2-t2-2.mcbone.net ( on Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 3:41PM :

In Reply to: Andreas, this has gone far enough. posted by Jeff from d53-237-236.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Monday, February 03, 2003 at 10:58PM :

: Please tell me why everyone and their brother and mother hubbard's dog are
all accusing you of being a 'kurdish agent'.

+++ Mass hysteria climbing up swiftly on the open-ended scale of collective mental degradation.

: Please share any insight that you may have, because I don't know why they
are calling you this and I want to hear both sides.

+++ That's showing you with a certain sense of fairness which shall be honoured.

: Don't tell me that you "won't lower yourself by responding" or that "it's
all lies".

+++ Well, no - of course, not. I won't evade your questions with any rhetorical deflections.

: There must be something that you have done or said that was
misinterpreted or misunderstood. Pray tell... I'm all ears.

+++ Not necessarily. Not necessarily any misinterpetration or misunderstanding.
Wilful distortion for totally different reasons may also be an option.

We should discriminate between (at least) 2 things:
(a) The motivation and incitement of many Assyrians to slander me and (b) the special content of their accusations which must not necessarily have any factual basis - while there is not nessarily any cogent link between (a) and (b).

+++ Look: While I can imagine why many Assyrians get into national overdrive against a non-Assyrian daring to step out of the goose-line, to question some of their principal concepts, seld-idealisations, mythologies and habits - I have not the faintest idea whatsoever what they are referring to in reality when accusing me of being a "Kurdish spy".
No reasons and no justifications were ever given.
Just being in the new American trend: Guilty until proven otherwise.

But it seems to me the whole manouver is to serve another aim than building a realistic case against me. It's more a national sport.

That unfounded rumour is snowballing in a way that's more indicative of the collective delight they take in it than of any reality which they don't bother about anway. Simply enjoy the kick ...

+++ In fact, I have never worked for Kurds - unlike many other Germans, especially leftists, who were and still are supporting them most professionally and effectively.

+++ Now that fact could have lead some Assyrian super-duper-patriots to see me right from the outset in the special light of an over-generalized expectation and prejudice and made them fall into a trap much more easily:
I was told by my real Assyrian friends that I am simply being mistaken for another German with a Jewish sounding name, but bearing my initials, living in ... (doesn't matter here).
And that guy is working indeed for the Kurds in an official KDP function; so, if it is his personal choice....

+++ As far as I can see, those are the only almost factoid elements who could have contributed to calling me a "Kurdish spy".

+++ The rest is the usual Assyrian drama and tragedy of projection and
1) Mirri, Mirrukh, La mirrokhun ? .....
Nobody checks the reality by info gathering and nobody feels even compelled to justify and/or substantiate his ever self-inflating stories.

2) If Assyrians - who in their majority are seemingly not so much interested in arguments but in either hugging together or in slashing each other's throaths - decide to hate you, they simply do so on their emotional drive and paint you in any colour of their real or hallucinated worst enemies: Baathi, Kurdi, .... and so on, you know the game.

3) Another aspect in my case:
Assyrian vs non-Assyrian: Group think, enemy picture, xenophobia, self-assertion or: find your national identity by bashing/attacking others.
Or in reverse engineering:
If they would really posses a genuine, healthy, self-acquired and self-deserved, mature identitiy they wouldn't have to be so dependent on that ape-theatre.

Assyrians are brought up with the notion of being vitimized, to teeter on the bring on extinction, to have an overwhelming responsibility for saving and defending their "race" which in their pseudo-Christian-Darwinian world view justifies almosteverything: Take this against the backdrop of their well perceived actually weak cultural and political standing and you'll see that that split/gulf/discrepance leads many of them to celebrate real orgies of self-exclusion, self-getthoing (for protection) and of fireworks of pseudo-nationalistic acts serving as swift-satisfying substitutes for a true engangement in social, cultural and poltical life and build-up.

So only for the legitimation of their own existence and for the quicky nationalistic kick they wouldn't miss any opportunity to show off their virility and heroism in self-gratifying acts of fighting a danger, a stranger, an enemy - even if they have to invent one.

+++ The "Kurdish spy" accusation first popped up on AINA after I had criticized their gang and some of their cherished nationalistic propositions and mythologemes.
First they were not sure wether to call me a Jew, a Nazi, a Jewish Nazi, or a Kurd, sometimes a Turk.
I have got all the material in my archive.

+++ So, that's only a short segment of the story, but I hope that info is of some value for you. In case of interest don't hesitate to ask more. Then I'll also tell you about the points of my criticism and non-conformism with regard to the Assyrian mainstream, a position which obviously drove so many up the walls.

+++ Thanks for your question.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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