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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 7:14PM :

Dear MoveOn member,

There is great hope that a war in Iraq can still be averted. The hope
lies in a simple fact: Americans don't want it. Polls have shown that
when folks understand the consequences and context of the war, they
oppose it. But given the war-mongering coming from the White House, a
lot of people feel like they're the only ones questioning this war.
Therefore, over the next two weeks, we're rolling out a campaign to
reach out to friends and neighbors and strengthen our common
conviction that war is the worst way to resolve the crisis in Iraq.

We need your help -- now more than ever. Please consider pledging a
day over the next two weeks.

You can pledge your time at:

Tomorrow, at the United Nations, Colin Powell will present evidence that
Iraq has been manufacturing and hiding weapons of mass destruction.
Unlike almost every other country, President Bush and his administration
see such evidence as a trigger for war. But the inspectors' job is to
find and destroy whatever weapons exist: inspections are the apparatus
of disarmament. Foreign policy experts agree that Saddam can be
contained and neutralized through inspections, but the President
believes he can drag this country to war anyway. We're going to prove
him wrong.

This will be a massive, coordinated, grassroots PR campaign -- one that
can reach millions of people and clearly tell the President where our
nation stands. Our goal is to make it impossible to ignore the anti-war
sentiment in this country -- you'll see signs in windows, bumper stickers
on cars, flyers on your doorstep, billboards along the streets, and ads and
letters in the newspaper.

In order to pull this off, we'll need the help of thousands of volunteers.
Even the smallest time commitments are incredibly valuable -- especially
when thousands all give a little. But for this campaign, we need to lock
in a large number of more substantial time commitments too.

Please consider committing one full day over the next two weeks. Given
the stakes in this war, it may be the most important time you ever spend--
eight hours' work that literally saves lives.

You can pledge your time at:

Once people have made their pledges, we'll be able to see how much
volunteer-time to work with. Wouldn't it be great to see that we've got
the equivalent of a full-time staff of 1000 people working over the next
two weeks? How about 10,000? A day over two weeks isn't a huge amount of
time, but it could make a huge difference.

We'll be increasing the frequency of our outreaches to match the
President's drumbeat for war. Leading up to the marches on February 15th
and the UN inspectors' report on February 14th, we'll be mailing you
every day with a way to take action.

Thanks for your help. The Bush Administration has the bully pulpit of
the presidency for its public relations work. We have the power of
coordinated grassroots action. Let's demand a solution that serves
our national and international interests -- letting the inspections

--Carrie, Eli, Joan, Peter, Wes, and Zack
The Team
February 4th, 2003

P.S. Under their own initiative, MoveOn members from Alaska to Texas to
Michigan are running ads in the local newspapers. We're going to follow
their lead. Here's a terrific and convincing ad from Midland, MI which
uses the statements of generals and intelligence experts to make the
case against war:

-- Jeff
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