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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 8:31PM :

In Reply to: Re: URGENT...MUST READ! posted by Ashuriena from ( on Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 1:59AM :

: No he can't. Iraqi's are not descendents of Assyrians. That's a false statement Mr. Parhad

***If Iraq exists where Assyria used to be, then the people there today are descendants of all the people who ever lived there. Youīre merely making the mistake of assuming that all Assyrians turned to Christianity and only Christianity...which is ridiculous and canīt be proven anyway...and that any Muslim in Iraq today MUST have come from Arabia, is a foreigner and should get out.

***Your religion came from Israel...brought to that region by converted Jews and later Greek/Roman Christians...whatever that is. You could just as easily demand that all Christians in Iraq go back to Israel where THEY came from...and that no Assyrian would ever have become a Christian...or you could argue that there are NO Assyrians left since Assyrians would NEVER have abandoned their you or a Muslim will not now abandon yours...and that all Assyrians were killed long ago.

***It is the religions that are foreign...not the people in Iraq.

***As we see that Christian Assyrians werenīt content to remain one kind of Christian either but went shopping among the missionaries...itīs just as likely that many of them found Islam more to their liking than Christianity.

***You have a Christian prejudice towards your religion...itīs understandable. I was born in Iraq...I am most definitely Iraqi and just as definitely Assyrian. I am not Christian or Muslim...and if I had to be anything I would follow Ashur...which I do, but on my own terms, not yours.

***To be Assyrian in the 21st century means much more than being has to or we might as well give this thing up right now. We are on our way out of the MidEast...for good reason, and we will melt away in the Christian West. Your criteria for being Assyrian are all Christian...simply wont do any more. We are losing ground daily and nothing on the horizon will change that, certainly not more of the hair of the Christian dog that bit us.

***There is a better way to be Assyrian...just have to keep thinking, looking, digging and dodging.

-- pancho
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