You will know at once ...

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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 12:35PM :

In Reply to: You can use my time machine ... posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 5:08AM :

+++ Shlama - Alexander

: Really? Thanks. When can I borrow it? And I just need a few pointers on how
to start it up and get it going?

:Just write me a post as to when you would be available to let me borrow
this equipment of yours. I had no idea these things existed. Why didn't I
use it earlier to go back in time and alter history?? I'll never know.

+++ You will know at once:

1) You didn't meet me before.

and more important:

2) Nobody is allowed "to go back in time and ALTER history", i.e. to "fix" and fudge around from only his/her limited, uninformed and irresponsible capabilities and perspective, ESPECIALLY if the latter are only egoistic and group-egoistic=nationalistic ones.

===> Thus you were disqualified for this project already long ago and now you've just succeeded to disqualify yourself again.

+++ Now you may ask why I called this "machine" "AHR, the "Applied Historical Revisionism"

The term "Revisionism" here does not mean "to revise=cook, fudge, alter etc retroactively" but only "to see through again = to live through AGAIN [re-vise/re-videre]" what had/has REALLY happened as opposed to all the hearsay as enshrined in our history books for ideological/religious/political reasons: which is nothing more than a fable convenue = a story agreed upon.

Therefore this "device" which is basically more a mental pattern/technique only serves to enlighten and clarify about historical realities and to debunk national and pseudo-scientific mythologemes of the classical history "revisionists=alterers"/sanitizers.

But even without my time machine the history sciences will be shattered anyway very soon with the introduction of the revolutionary scientific paradigm shifts inspired by the "New Chronology".

This will turn out to be very hard also for "Assyrians" ....



-- andreas
-- signature .

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