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Posted by Esperanza from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 9:21PM :

In Reply to: Re: My opinion is that... posted by Alexander from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 9:12PM :

Why do people need "power"?

: I do not think this has to do with economy directly. People tend to think money runs the world, but rather power behind the money is what runs it... Therefore I believe in a sense it is only for power, and that all other things are simply incidental, profitable or not, although I believe the contemplation of proiftability is certainly a great issue since it determines their future revenues from the region.

: Shlama
: Alexander
: : How about a New markets for Mutli-National American Corporations to sell their goods in the region.

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: : : Shlama

: : : About cultural transformation- do you mean transforming Iraqi culture or American culture?

: : : If you mean American culture, I dont think thats what they are aiming at, but if you mean Iraqi culture, I think it would never happen.... Even if they did succeed in defeating Iraq, which I don't think they will, they would not hold it at all- and that I know for sure, because I know Americans will not want to keep getting their soldiers killed in a war they don;t even really know about...

: : : Now, you might mean MidEastern Culture. I dont think it would effect that either, except antagonize them more, but I am not sure if I truly understood your question... Please ask me anything, i will try to reply as best I can....
: : : b shena
: : : Alexander

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: : : :
: : : : How about cultural transformation?

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: : : : :Shlama Esperanza

: : : : : If I may address your question thus:

: : : : : Everytime a nation conquers another one, it is usually because of this or that, besides the ulterior motive. Yes, the US will make money from oil profits, but they would go in there anyway because of the history of Iraq toward antizionism and the locality in the region. The US wants to take over the center, so it can cause pressure from within, hoping to support a puppet gov't, or, more likely, install its own gov't there, in a sense taking the land for itself. That is a very mild way of looking at it. My view is that it just wants to take over the land. Then, it can use oil for profits also, but that oil isnt the primary reason behind it. If there's anything more, do not hestitate to ask me.

: : : : : Push b shena
: : : : : Alexander

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