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Posted by Jeff from d53-251-230.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 4:51PM :

Mr.Ghasan Hana shoud be hung by his testicles

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Written by Elias Jalal on 23 Feb 2003 06:25:55:

Greetings everyone,

This message is for the Evil Ghasan. I'am very disgusted by Mr. Hana for trying to further destroy our nation. Everything our great martyrs died for and he is trying to step on them. Mr. Hana is a deciever, self proclaimed leader, and a crook as well. He does not represent 80% of Iraq's Christains, but himself and his few followers. According to the Arab American institute, Chaldeans in Michigan are labeled as arab. However, this is absolutely incorrect, I'm a Chaldean and I believe in unity of our people. We were one nation and always will be. There is nothing anyone can change about this fact. We are not Arab nor Kurds, we are Assyrians and we come from North Iraq. We always lived in our historical homeland of Nineveh. I'am proud of being an Assyrian of the Chaldean church. I come from a well educated family, my father worked at the American embassy in Iraq. He definetly knew his fact, and we know the difference between church and ethinicity. At least now our people are more aware and edeucated about this name issue. It's called common sense. Unfortunately, people like Mr. Hana try to brainwash our people inorder to serve his own interest.

God will deal with you on judgement day, our ancastors were slaughtered for their nation and you sell them out. You should be hung by your testicles.

God bless our nation.


-- Jeff
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