On The Benefits Of Killing Your Firstborn...

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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-93-33.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, February 24, 2003 at 5:14PM :

...for starters...and if you can do that, who WON'T you kill...or: Pass me His body and His blood...I'm hungry for Salivation.

WARNING: I'd like to apologize ahead of time for refering to them old Hebrew Fathers, the Foreskins of your Christian ones too, as pig fuckers and sheepshitherders. However...as it's been open season on my ancestors for a few thousand years, what with them being called bloody, savage, cruel, unimaginative, uncreative etc...I feel no one should mind too much if I exaggerate also. If it's good for the Jew/Christian it ought to be okay for the Assyian.

Father Abraham must have been some kind of a nasty person. Looking around him in Mesopotamia and seeing people there didn't go in for slitting their children's throats, that there was no kind of a god there to call on for such a thing, or wanted that sort of a sacrifice...and probably for some other reasons as well, like Lot couldn't get rid of his wife so he could ream his daughters...the family decided to emigrate to where these kinds of things were done regular like...to Canaan where Milcom and Molech ruled...where children had their throats slit or were burned to death as a regular thing... as loving sacrifices and where the priests of Baal fucked cows...just the place for that sick fuck Lot, and the rest of his tribe. We didn't want that kind of prevert in Mesopotamia.

So they went out into the howling wilderness, away from the laws and common decency of the Mesopotamians and the first chance Abraham gets he trusses up his dear son Issac like a pig and gets his knife out to slit his throat with, "for the greater glory of God"...only God, another sick fuck if there ever was one says, "Hold on there, just havin' a little fun, untie the kid and give him a good hosing down, for verily and yea, I have scared the holy shit out from him this day".

Abraham's god wasn't Yahwe, not yet. He left Mesopotamia under the protection of El Shaddai of the Chicago Clan. It was only when they reached the Coast that he came under the protection of the Yahwe Famiglia, out of Jersey. Yahwe was waiting for them out in the desert with the other shitherding philosophers who were sitting around the dust heaps scratching their balls, figuring out how you should all live, what was of value and what to do with excess children.

It was in Canaan that the Hebrews were, eating honey and bugs...waiting to create an empire no one can find any traces of. It's amazing how often they did the, sacrifice-your-son-thing, and for what...for Jerusalem? Once, locked up in their fortified village, a Jew king brought his son up onto the walls where the beseiging army could watch him slit the kid's throat. This was supposed to convince his child-killing, pig-fucking god that he was serious, that it was dire straits...now or never. It was also supposed to strike fear into the invading army because the god of the place, after putting down another moist and wide-eyed heifer, would send his wrath against the enemy for having interrupted Him in flagrant delicto and forcing the king of the place to sacrifice his "dearest" possession.

Now why the king couldn't have slit his own throat, after all it was more his fault than his frightened and trembling babe's, we shouldn't ask for those people never could do the right thing straight off. For one thing it hurts and for another the king wouldn't be around for the party later...so he can fuck his neice or sister and produce another heir...plenty more where that one came from and you can never be sure what other emergency might pop up. No one in any of those frightful religions has ever taken responsibility for a thing...the real point of having a god. At other times the people would place their children in the arms of a statue of Molech and burn the darling little things alive. So...between fucking their own daughters, swearing to the authorities that their abandoned wives, "turned to salt, HONEST, it was a miracle!", slitting the throats and burning the bodies of their children, them Hebrews found little time to build much of anything...but they DID invent "ethics" and polished up "morality".

They were as happy as you can expect to be when you're built along those lines, every kid eyeing his parent warily at the first crop failure, till Abraham and his brood showed up and went to "reforming" those pig farmers...only they were happy as pigs in shit... liked it fine the way they were and for the next 1000 years the followers of Yahwe beat, killed and harrassed the Hebrews trying to bring them under the new influence...only the people fought like hell and had to be periodically bludgeoned and ripped open before enough of them could be convinced that Yahwe was the way to go, or else.

Obviously Abraham's brood picked up some stuff from the locals as well, the most endearing and lasting of all being this penchant for slitting a son's throat...they didn't hold with burning their kids alive, too "barbaric"...and they ought to know. It's instructive how often this despicable practise pops up among them Hebrews. If you're not particularly good at much...if you often find yourself at a loss for how to beat off invaders, can't get a Temple to stand up straight...or if the crops fail that year on account of no rain...or the locusts stop by...or the herds didn't yield enough cause you had your eye on too many heifers yourself...the remedy seemed to be to grab your sleeping child, before wasting another breakfast on him, and slit his throat. This was supposed to impress the neighbors and your god because it showed your plight was real...and you were offering to give this child to your god so he'd take pity on you. And of course, the more innocent, the sweeter, the more unoffending the child...or the lamb...the better you'd "impress" your lord.

I don't know about you, but that kind of benevolence from a god who could just as easily have sent you a little rain and avoided all that innocent blood being shed, is something I'd rather not have. That kind of a god likes to play with people a little too much for my taste...and I wouldn't want to see the Fucker's face in any paradise, "forever" and be reminded daily of what the asshole made me do to my chilren. I also wouldn't care to get close to the kind of man, or god, who does these sorts of things. The Assyrians were raised to die in defense of their families, not kill their own children in order to "survive" themselves.

Killing your own children to "please" your god, or taking any satisfaction in having them butchered, as our "Merry Martyring Mothers" were supposed to have witnessed, strikes me as a sick thing to do...and it's, not incidentally, at the core of all three sisters from hell. Issac was almost sacrificed. Ishmael, the precursor of the Arabs, also almost got his throat slit by the same doting parent as a sacrifice to the same child-killing god, who then threw him and his mother out of the house...and Jesus...who would give humans the bloodiest excuse for the bloodiest religion of them all, WAS sacrificed. FINALLY, God had his way.

They all deserved each other down there in Canaan where a helpless, ineffectual king or pig fucker in tht "Holy" land can't manage to fight it out to defend his family, or make an honest buck... so, in despair and hoping to win favor with his lord, the damn fool kills his firstborn son. Old Yahwe too, distraught at the way his children turned out, having tried burning them to death in their cities and sending a flood to drown them all...finally and in the same sort of "despair" that blames the children for the Father's fuck ups, orders his own darling son to be killed...as a sacrifice, to Himself no less, in order to "wake the people up". It was sort of what his people were doing, but in reverse, like who set them the bloody example in the first place? The people were killing their children for god's sake... after two false starts, Yahwe got it right and killed his son for the people's sake. Sick Fucks all the way around.

It's this' "sacrifice-the-dearest-thing-to-you" that is at the heart and core of your Christianity...and it's the farthest thing from the Assyrians there ever could have been. Either our kings and fathers were successful or they died in battle...they didn't grab their children and slit their throats...they weren't built that way. And when their god Ashur no longer worked for them, they simply let him go. Nothing, it seemed, was going to unhinge them in that way, not even the loss of one of the greatest empires ever, never mind a scorched "garden" filled wth scorpions, goatherds and sheepshitherders in which no trace of any building that would have been a toilet in Nineveh can be found. The problem for us has been that the best of the Assyrians determined to die in battle. The others, the ones who ran away to set up forums and political parties in America, found a way to reconcile themselves to pig fucking and child-killing and "survived"...and you can see the kind of genetics that sort of "Unatural Selection" will get you. You might say it took whole centuries of pig fucking to produce an Atour Golani, a Jacklin Bejan and a Nimrod. Who else would thank a Christian president for squeezing the life out of BetNahrain and "sacrifing" its children?

This sacrificing thing permeates all of Christian society. The children still get sacrificed but it isn't their throats that get slit...it's their minds, their hearts...and next their genitals. Women and girls have been sacrificed since the beginning...first off literally and then symbollically as the "dutifull" daughter or wife or mother. And weak, ineffectual men too busy being "captains of their destiny" down at the Burger King where they park their cars they can't afford, still turn their children over to the high priests of pig fucking to be pig fucked, because it's hard to get real porkers in mid-town Manhattan or Boston and a pink bottom is, after all, a pink bottom.

People speak in enraptured tones about making "sacrifices"...especially of their own children in useless and stupid wars, or in office/factories...and they absolutely endorse the idea of starving and murdering the other side's children who they see as "enemies", fit for "sacrifice". Iraq's 500,000 innocents have been sacrificed on the altar of Political/Economic Necessity. Just say the word "sacrifice" and you can take anything from and do anything to a child. Right now in America the health, education and well-being of our children have to be "sacrificed to necessity". Not because we need to...but because children are still an offering, useful in having their throats slit in desperate times, because we are willing to kill what is "dearest" to us...like them pig fuckers of old and their lord. SURELY America must be in "real danger" if we're forced to sacrifice our own children in broad daylight for all to see...for God no less?

You could always tell down there in Canaan...your neighbor would be up early one morning slitting his son's throat and you'd know his mortgage was due, or the crop had failed. Our own Bush and Ashcroft pig fuckers have the same idea...times MUST be bad indeed, we're told... because we see them out there slitting the throat of our Constitution, then our, not their, children's throats...then everyone else's. That's supposed to convince us we are in "danger". we are...we're in danger from the kinds of Americans who would sell America for profit....especially recently when they've reverted to fundamentals, to Fundamental Christianity...which means get the shit done any way you can...god will cover your ass.

Take the murder of Jesus away and what do you have left in Christianity? Nothing...nothing but some weak tea about how the poor will inherit heaven...let them have it...what emperor, CEO or president was content to get to heaven...without having it all down here first as well? Christian kindness and humility turns out to be simple basic human ideals that were around long before Christ came along to tell us the obvious...things the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians and Sumerians had formulated centuries before. In fact...without too much exaggeration you could say that the high point of Civilization passed long ago...that it's been a steady increase for Barbarism since the day we first discovered the utility of killing our own children for "God"...and he went to killing his for "Us". The whole thing is sick beyond words.

No...the one real distinguishing trait you all identify with Christianity is this dismal sacrifice thing...that Jesus was sacrificed so that YOU could live...so that you could take your miserable selves (what other kind of person would accept such an awful bargain) to a heaven where they'll put the others like you away for eternity, lock you up and throw away the key...good riddance. You got this from the Jews through Milcom and Molech and Baal and finally through Yahwe...congratulations...pig fuckers, itinerant merchants and child killers of 3000 years ago gave you your "morality". Any wonder then why we're where we are today?

The Assyrians never sacrificed their own children till today...never had a god, or king, or father who acually killed a living, breathing son of his as a sacrifice to get the people to behave, feel guilt, win anything, or get into any kind of a heaven. That's Jew stuff and then Jew/Christian/Muslim stuff. To go that far away from the ways of your fathers and mothers is to go all the way away...and you did. What could be farther from an Assyrian than a Christian Assyrian...how do you even reconcile those two in the same sentence? It doesn't mean "decent, loving" honest, fair, or gentle" when you see the word, "Christian". These things don't belong to Christianity. What it means is, "Child Killing"..."Child Sacrificing", if you prefer...or better yet, "Child-Sacrificing-In-Order-To-Win-ME-Some-Favor". Any way you describe it...the heart and core of REAL Christian dogma is the killing of the most innocent, lovely and unoffending thing you can come up with. The Hebrews came up with their firstborn, Yahwe came up with Jesus...you came up with Ashur and our Heritage...and finally, BetNahrain. All of them sacrifices at the altar of Yahwe Jr.

Dear George Bush...thank you for sacrificing all those Iraqi/Assyrian children so that we may live...well, so that we may drive to soccer practise...well actually, so that our CEO's can make even more money and give us them good jobs that last three years. Verily, your ways are a mystery...but you aren't...you're the same Pig Fucker that afflicted the world 3000 years ago and is at it yet.

My People...Let this sort of god go to hell...he finally got you to sacrifice BetNahrain, the REAL "Holy Land"...the Cradle of Civilization. The place the father of the three sisters felt compelled to leave because they were too decent to tolerate his kind.

-- pancho
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