The French Underground and the Good Germans

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, February 24, 2003 at 5:31PM :

Every Frenchie you meet was either in the Underground during the Nazi War or had a relative who was...or would have been if someone had just asked...or meant to be but the war ended too soon.

And every German and son of a bitch of a German you meet...or who posts on forums...was a "Good" German...hated Hitler and everything he stood for,¨"pass the roast Jew".

According to the the Krauts the Jews fairly ran to the concentration camps and threw themselves into the ovens, there was no stopping them...all the Good Germans tried.

To have Andreass criticisng anyone for not speaking up or doing anything belies the facts of his own dismal presence on earth, for if anyone in his family had crtiticized their own Herr Bush even a teentsi one would have been left to beget Andreas.

It was an immaculate conception and a tremendous mistake...not only doesn´t anyon get any pleasure out of his one had any fun making him.

Germans have this guilt thing about cooking harmless Jews. Even the ones who weren´t in favor of it went along...till today when they can safely point the finger at those who are no worse than the Germans ever were...and a whole lot better.

We´re sort of in the German Salvaging business around here...take pity on the poor turd...let him strut his righteous stuff now, when it costs him nothing.

-- pancho
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