On Being Assyrian, Barefoot and Pregnant...or

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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 6:22PM :

...Divide And Concrete.

It didn´t take the West long to figure out how to undo us. They merely used our penchant for making meaningless distinctions and divisions among ourselves. They insinuated here and there that North Assyrians really WERE better than South Assyrians...and East Jacobites were no where NEAR as lovely as West Jacobites...it´s all they had to do. We had our knives out in a moment and have been flailing away at each other ever since while Whitey walks away with it all.

The White Man quickly learned how to use up everybody...they even condescended to stick their goldy white pricks into the black pooters of women they wouldn´t share a drink of water with, or sit next to. The Man KNOWS what counts...and we only bother about what doesn´t..."Excuse me, but are you east south south eastern Church or west by northwest church?

Then we have the real Troglodytes like Aprim still trying to prove the toilets on the Ark were the flush kind...and he will too!

At heart we´re all human beans and should stop right there...the rest is sure fire trouble and murder...eventually affecting us all...even the rich man´s kids today...who´ll pay next year.

Anyone wants to be any religion or nationality... let him...let her. A Chaldean wants to be Chaldean...let him, even if you believe he is "wrong". Where´s the harm? Look at what true "Assyrians" are doing to BetNahrain. If they can be Assyrian and thank Bush...anyone can be anything.

Let´s say you´re going out to eat and this one night you feel like Korean food...well go eat it...why do you have to destroy the Chinese restaurant, the Italian place across the street, three pizzarias and twenty five fast food joints on the way? Can´t you enjoy your meal without leaving behind a trail of destruction?

Saw an article about "Three Culture Kids" (TCK´s)and the increase in their numbers. That would be children of Italian ancestry, for instance, born and raised in England but living with their parents since the age of 10 or 12 or any age, in Spain...let´s say.

When asked what they are...they invariably reply, "do you mean what it says on my passport...or where I´m now residing, my nationality...or what my ancestry is"? One kid took to saying he´s an Earthling...anything more specific just took too long...and what´s the point?

My kids are like that now. One was born in America, one in Portugal and one in Mexico. They´ve all lived in all three countries for periods of time and they are all Assyrian with a touch of Persian/Iraqi. They are getting further and further away from their American or Portuguese influences and while we maintain an Assyrian home wherever we go...including no Jew religions...right now Mexico is their "home".

One thing everyone notices about TCK´s is that they don´t identify with national idiocy as much...or wear their national Diapers on their sleeve. This is eventually bound to make for a world filled with people more comfortable with each other.

We, on the infamous other hand, can´t get enough of dividing ourselves up...we are headed straight to the back of the class while the world moves in the opposite direction...even the battling countries of Europe decided they were falling behind the National Steamrollers who could give a shit what you are so long as you pay taxes and are willing to kill on command.

Blend all the religions into one I say, they are none of them worth one death...wake up in the morning and pray to your Totem...eat matzoh after that...have a ham sandwhich for lunch and go to confession in the afternoon cause you sinned...then go home and sleep with all three of your wives...after they´ve returned from an orgy in the hills with a curly headed Greek guy. And everyone be kind to children.

What could be simpler?

-- pancho
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