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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 6:48PM :

Who says the Arts are dead among modern Assyrians...

"Date: Tuesday, 25 February 2003, at 4:18 p.m.

Shlama Raman,

Please contact Robert or me concerning the Assyrian art Exhibit of "Tears of Blood!" in California.

Hanna Hajjar

***Now there´s a catchy title. You can bet it´s about tears of Christian blood shed by Muslims. Our boys live and eat and shit this stuff...the rest of the world is less than impressed. If the Catholics of Ireland today insisted that only they were true Irish...the others were English, you´d´d have...HOLY HELL you´d have exactly what you´ve had there for half a century and more...blood spilling blood...all kinds of blood.

WHAT an art exhibit! Think of the press...think of the coverage, think of the Levies...think of Simele...think of the gobs of pity they might get..."Aw, widdle Cwistians shed blood? Gee...that hasn´t happened in SO LONG! Here, pick a country...want Food Stamps"?

Bet you if I showed up to review it they´d faint...unless the cops were there, in which case they´d act all tough, like Jackie. GOD it´s hard to be Assyrian some times.

Hanna Hajjar could recognize African blood from others´s black.

I have a feeling the "Robert" in the post is my own dear cuz Robert DeKelaita..the lawyer in Chicago who´s hopping mad because I "cheated" him on a sculpture. I did...and I´ll cheat every son of a bitch like him who uses his economic "standing" to lord it over someone trying to make a living as an artist. The guy even did some painting himself when he was brighter. He told me, the last time we sort of spoke, that he was involved with REAL artists now...real ASSYRIAN artists...not fakes like me. What he meant by that was scared shitless and hopeful and pleading artists who paint in the evenings or are in high school and would LOVE to have a little notice. And he´ll take his Benz out of his pocket and flash it around and drive up in his Rolex and wow them all...then to cover the fact that he couldn´t have sold a painting if his life depended on it, he´ll give them "advice" and act as most people with a few extra bucks in their pocket behave when they know damn well an artist wants to sell SOMETHING!

Robert DeKelaita is like the rest of them...his involvement with Tears of Blood is supposed to certify him as another part-time GRAT ASSRIN leader on the make...I mean on the rise.

A guy can´t pick his family...I got stuck with him...and then he got stuck with me. I´ll pay the chump back his money but I´ll be goddamned if I´ll ever sell him a sculpture of mine knowingly. They aren´t in his price range anymore anyway.

Fucker...I´d already cut the price in half but that wasn´t enough for my "cousin", you he is towards the Assyrian "family"...he wanted even MORE of a break...and you know why?...Cause the poor dear had JUST bought his wife a Beemer and was a little "short". They are all SHORT! In every way the word can be used...they are short and small and spineless and prickless every one of them conceived immaculately.

Just what Assyria needed...another Engineer, another Accountant, another Liar.

ps. Dear threatened legal action if I didn´t comply date the only action from you is one hand moving up and down rapidly over the prick you are...sue me, it´s all the rage these days.

-- pancho
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