Them Hebrews

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 1:22PM :

The more I realize what a monumental scam they pulled the more in awe I am of their achievement, no WONDER theyīre kicking ass....verily a Jew could beat the pants off most people, all things being equal, and they havenīt been for 2000 years and STILL they beat the pants off of people.

The only person a Jew couldnīt best was an Assyrian. Itīs true...Narsai told me that was a proverb or bit of folk wisdom in the MidEast...that everyone was afraid of dealing with the Jew, but the Jew was afraid of the Assyrian. I thought it was nonsense because I only knew Assyrian Christians and the only person they beat on is another Christian. Then I read a book called, "The Hosanna Tree" by Margaret Shedd about her childhood spent in Urmia with missionary parents during the 1915-18 conflicts...and in her introduction to the book she mentions the same thing...that "Nestorians" were the most feared hagglers and hornswagglers of all,But that was when we were doesnīt apply to us since we handed our minds and balls over to Yahwe.

But I believe it now, that I see clearly the Jews got their best stuff from us and were barely able to suppress their god-awful side...then in time turning the tables on us and making US grateful to them because we could get "into their heaven"...a Reformed Jew one accused Assyrians of becomming Orthodox Jews.

Turns out that Assyrians were not only the "first people to embrace Christianity". A few years after Muhammadīs death they also became among the first people to embrace Islam. It seems we werenīt overly picky, once our own religion proved inadequate. Following both these religions has caused us harm...but Christianity more so.

Today in Iraq there is a Christian Foreign Minister and a Christian runs the antiquities department and who knows how many others there are in positions of influence and power. Our common Assyrian past is being repected and protected by an Islamic country in a region that has been Islamic twice as long as it was Christian...AND as an organized state, not a passle of warring priestlings.

The only danger to what remains of Assyria comes from the Christians, especially our own boys who "talk" a lot about being Assyrian, but do everything in their power to bring more death and destruction to that region.

Because they feel they were wronged, they want revenge, thatīs all it is. Peter carries around that dismal list in his empty head and wont be satisfied until an equal number of Muslim children have been killed...the 500,000 so far arenīt enough for him. This is not only un-Christian...though it really is because when have Christians been shy about isnīt kind, it isnīt wise, it isnīt humane and it certainly isnīt Assyrian. No Assyrian would want more misery brought to another Assyrian simply because he prayed to a different version of a god...but a Christian would.

Iīm not a Christian...I can stand back and admire this whole hornswaggle and see it for what it is. Let me read a few more Jew books and set me up against the most learned Jew of them all...the first thing weīll do is alter the experiment...for 2000 years the game has been played to Jew/Christian all the "news" programs on TV are so obviously rigged that even YOU can see it finally...thatīs they way itīs been whenever Jew or Christian "issues" have been discussed. New game...once you know the game.

At the very get go the whole thing is based on a lie...a BIG one...that God would have chosen Jew sheepshithearders to have those kinds of conversations with in the first place...and that those Jew day laborers would NEVER HAVE LIED about it! If youīre going to buy that one at the outset...forget about making any sense after that, just go get a tin cup and beg your life at the end of arenīt fit for a reasoned discussion after swallowing that pile of manure.

But I admire the way they did it...and against all odds.

They just canīt "do it" any longer to an Assyrian.

-- pancho
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