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Posted by Alexander from ( on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 3:21PM :

In Reply to: Re: Una palabra de consejo ... posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 10:35AM :

I know, I was just passing my way of dealing with it onto this forum. To be honest, I have on a few occasions gotten very angry and almost was ready to chase them down- One time, I was at a light, everytime it would turn green, the intersection would be jammed with people who took the red light to turn, and I couldnt move. By the fourth time, I was practically insane with fury. Whoosh! Good thing I don't encounter these people more than seldom. I guess we have to try a new language because some people are having to "decipher" our posts:) Unfortunately, I only know two languages fluently. Spanish, English. I've been around a lot of Farsi, but unfortunately all I ever picked up was words like "m-o-d-e-g-e-n-d-e", I split it up so as not to offend any Farsi speaking people here, although I guess it's not too offensive considering Fred Parhad's choice of words:) Two other languages I could use some more knowledge of grammar and vocabulary would be Malti, and Greek, although what I do know is not comparable to what even a preschooler in Greece or Malta would know:)

: : Jeff,
: : Como te vas? Jejeje, me rio cuando me hablas de eso. Es verdad que manejan como animales. Pero, que vas hacer? Mejor es hacer tu cosa y no meterse con nadie. Algunas veces yo me pongo bravo tambien. Casi puedo dar le gorpes:) Pero que va, no podemos hacer nada. Hasta lluego.

: Alejandro,
: I was exaggerating a bit. I reserve my road rage for very extreme situations that require it... but it is very rarely used.

-- Alexander
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