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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, February 27, 2003 at 6:15PM :

Received an email just now from a nice sounding gentleman...says he saw the site when the sculptures were up...that he loves Mesopotamian art and things, that his wife is a sculptor and asks permission to use images of the sculpture in a biblical encyclopedia they are working on...full credits and all...of course. So I answered him...

Dear Sir,

As an Assyrian I am sensitive to the manner in which my ancestry has been portrayed in the bible. I am not amused by Jewish claims to holier than thou status while they insult the Assyrians who, it can be easily inferred, gave them the better part of their mythology.

I am always willing to share...but unless I can have some assurance that your use of these images will in no way be coupled with the usual insulting and moronic statements about the, "incredible cruelty" of the Assyrians etc....while the Hebrew forebears of Jesus were sacrificing their own children...I would have to decline your offer and ask that you not use any images of sculptures made by yours truly.

If your approach is sane and even-handed...all anyone has a right to are welcome to use them. But, give me some indication of the context in which these photos would appear first.

If you arenīt particular about talent and require an avid Christian with scant respect for the Assyrian ancestry, Iīd be happy to recommend Hanna Hajjar and "the boys", who are even now mounting an art show in California titled, "Blood Sweat And Fears"...or something like that. And should you need any egregious nonsense in written form, may I suggest Fred Aprim, a gifted liar if there ever was one. You can contact Hanna at believe he just got out on parole.


Fred Parhad

-- pancho
-- signature .

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