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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, February 28, 2003 at 10:07PM :

In Reply to: Biblical Encyclopedia posted by panch from ( on Friday, February 28, 2003 at 5:44PM :

Ignore this test(Sorry for all these tests)

: I really didnīt think Iīd hear from the gentleman again...but he wrote back and I answered. I donīt think heīll mind if I share the messages...without his name of course. I figure you shouldnīt put anything in an email you donīt want the world to know anyway...

: Dear Sir,

: Please forgive my poor english,


: ***Your English language skills need no apology.

: I thank your for your answer

: I agree with you when it is about the holiness of a nations. History
: proves
: how wrong was the jewish attiutude towards the assyrian people. Jonas, a
: jewish
: prophet refused to death to say a word to the Niniveh citizens, but God
: loved
: assyrian people (see book of Jonas in OT last verse) and send a stubborn
: man
: to talk from God unto them.


: ***Youīll have to excuse me again...I donīt recognize a Jewish tribal god as any kind of a god...certainly not as bloodthirsty as that one. I have no use for gods...they all demand murder in one way or another.


: Nevertheless the people of Niniveh repent
: and listen to the
: words of the Unique Lord, while the hebrew had always a weak attitude
: towards the
: spiritual values.


: ***My people never "repented" and never had reason to till they turned Reformed Jew and learned to apologize for their ancestors. I am not a Christian...your gods mean less than nothing to me. Jesus was a good man, I suppose...but there have been many and all too many of them have been..and are now being killed by the followerrs of these gods of yours.

: I intend to make a bible enciclopaedia in English and Romanian, with a
: fine desgin
: and useful information including the text bible. When I was a boy I had
: a great passion for ancient history and I read many books about history
: of Assyria and Babilonia including "clay" books from Assurbanipal
: library.

: I promise to send you all text, screen captures related to the message i
: want to promote.
: Also I intend to give you the final version of my interactive CDROM.

: Also I want (with your acceptance) to promote on the cover of the
: enciclopaedia your name and your art gallery. Inside the cdrom i intend
: to expose a gallery of your work.


: ***I will be happy to review the text of your book. However, should I allow you to use the photos I want no mention of me at all, in any way...whatsoever.

: Also if you wish we may have a mutual benefits from promoting your site.
: I am also a website designer and a multimedia artist, working at the
: single contemporary art magazine from Romania: Balkon. You may visit the
: old balkon site
: (not suitable for Macintosh)
: and the new balkon site I am working on at
: (suitable for Macintosh) unfinished but
: very comprehensive and very functional.

: I may work to promote your site.


: ***The last time I was "promoted" I barely escaped with my life. No thank you. If I can be of help, I will...but not if you use my work to promote any Jew or Christian cause...nothing personal...Iīm just tired of having my worth as a human and as an Assyrian tied in ANY way to the service of the Jewish religion...Orthodox OR Reformed.

: Sincerely,

: Fred Parhad

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