A Word of Mesopotamian Wisdom

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Posted by panch from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Saturday, March 01, 2003 at 2:03PM :

For all the time that the Assyrians ruled their empire you could have believed in any god you damn well pleased to...no one was burned at the stake or forcibly converted from anything to anything...Iīd ask you all to contrast that to these three sisters from hell...from a hellhole in the desert between Egypt and Canaan to be exact...and their track record in burning, raping, mutilating, thumb-screwing, caging, blinding, cooking, eating and generally behaving as people who screw their own relatives and kill their own children WOULD behave...and all in the name of god...and all to "save" you? It seems all we ever needed protection from was this god Yahwe of theirs.

Donīt be shy about pointing this out to people... that when you are critical of religion, or Christianity and the rest of them, you arenīt promoting murder, rape and theft...just the opposite...you are saying that no god, no religion, not even one of "peace" can EVER use a god as a justification for all the mayhem theyīve promoted while enshrining one or two "good" examples, like displays in a window to sucker you into believing the entire stock in the back room is as "true" and "fine" as what they choose to show you on a good day.

Itīs because we DONīT want any more of this kind of all out and total murder that we speak out against them...because as Hammurabi did, we would protect the widow and the orphan from them...not attack them FIRST!

Not even the people who have used this crap to bring us to the brink of open and out and out murder as another "policy" or "program"...just as them Jews of old did...believe in any of it. They have cynnically manipulated your desire to believe in fairy tales to gain POLITICAL and ECONOMIC power over you and your lives...screw the "religious" concerns...youīll get "yours" in heaven.

Erase the Infamy and get back some HUMAN dignity...let the divine go to hell...where it was invented.

-- panch
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