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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-71-62.uninet.net.mx ( on Saturday, March 01, 2003 at 8:56PM :

Hebroo Re-doo

It's funny how everyone believes their own shit don't stink.

The bible has enough nonsense in it to choke a large horse, yet those brought up on it see, "the word of God", in all that muck...meanwhile, somewhere out in the desert, the ghosts of three or four Jews are laughing their damfool heads off. Take prophecy for instance. Now what could be simpler than the Jews sitting around fifty years after an event and ,"prophesying" backwards. Say in 626 BC one Jew said the sky would fall down, another said pigs would fly and the third said there would be a drought that year...and all of it because Yahwe was mad at his hairy darlings. Fifty years later the guy writing down the WOG ("word of God") would pick the one thing that did happen, like pigs flying...write it down as something that was prophesied and never mention the other two...voila, "Prophecy" is born. Jeez...I got this bridge for sale...?

If people would just connect the Jew dots. Everyone says what masterful hagglers and used car salesmen Jews are...how they'll sell you a dog and convince you it's a parrot, how you'll use cactus for suppositories on their say-so...that they know how to close a crooked deal...sell a lie, how they're clever here and devious there...then five Jews say they talked to god and had his angels over to dinner and like a bunch newborn dummies everyone falls down, weeps Hosanna and says, "I BELIEVE!" At least be consistent in your foolishness. Which is it...are Jews scrupulously honest and would NEVER screw you in a raw deal...are they to be believed no matter WHAT they claim...or are they the deceitful weasels you all have said they are for 2000 years?

Let's pick up where we left off with Josiah...you'll remember we left him naked, having just torn his own clothing off...at the discovery of the real and true WOG for ALL Mankind...whether they wanted it or not. Since the rest of the Jews were a lot brighter than Assyrians, they weren't convinced and had to be beaten into submission. So, armed with the WOG and the Jew equivalent to a Howitzer, Josiah sets off to make war against his own people, well who else? It was the Assyrians who were "cruel" to others...a Jew mostly only beat up on a Jew, and we learned that from them as well. Our intrepid authors, Gordon and Rendsburg put it this way, "Josiah did not stop (convincing/killing) at the borders of Judah. He pursued his program (sic) into former Israelian territory. He destroyed the Bethel site and then advanced even farther northward into the region of Samaria proper, where he destroyed other high places."

In other words, Josiah and his Jew army began killing Jews in their immediate vicinity first, then marched into other Jew lands killing even more Jews and destroying more Jew buildings. This is Josiah's "program". Now when was an Assyrian king ever allowed a "program" such as this? An Assyrian just killed and killed for the hell of it, or because he was born cruel and barbaric. Assyria's far greater...more substantial and lasting empire...marvellously well administered, as even our detractors admit...was supposedly the accidental by-product of a lot of wanton murder and unbridled bloodlust. But old Josiah, upon whom the real WOG lit, turned on his own people with a "program" and made war on them...and why?...to FORCIBLY CONVERT them into accepting the newly revealed and improved, WOG, the Word of the god of peace and love-to-come who would soon be demanding his own son undergo such another "program"...as just such another victim..."You Vill Do Ziss Or ELSE"!!!

The authors don't like to mention any killing of Jews by Jews unless they have to...they just say things were "destroyed". Since what they were destroying were the centers of the religion of those people one can imagine they fought back and many died, were impaled, skinned alive, blinded, chopped up, ripped open and the rest of the list of those Jew horrors the Assyrians were the LEAST GUILTY of, of all the people of that day.

A little further down the page they come at us with this, "...the prophetic movement helped lead up to the reform (now you have to admire all this murder and destruction being called a "reform"...when a Jew does it). Zephaniah also stressed the Day of Yahwe and prophesies against all the nations round and about, including Assyria, which was the most hated of all, because it was the most powerful and oppressive. Zephaniah 3:9 states the ideal whereby in the End of Days all nations would have one language and one God. Since that God is Yahwe, the Judean ideal extended to all mankind. Universality was triumphing over narrow nationalism..."

Seems to me murder and destruction were "triumphing" and to call this "Universality" is to be getting definitions from Hanna Hajjar's own dictionary. Assyria was most hated because it was most successful...sounds like envy to me. Even WE are still that way, nothing we hate more than a successful Assyrian. This notion that killing those who disagree with you and forcing everyone to follow your own peculiar tribal god...and then calling it "universal" because you take your own local parochialism and shove it down everyone in the Universe's throat is another instance of the benefits of having a mastery of language, if not of history, and a whole lot of advanced degrees from universities that teach this mumbo jumbo as a "discipline"...allowing what amounts to a used car salesman to attach the title, "Doctor" to his or her name.

What could be "narrower" than insisting that your own petty beliefs have to become the beliefs of the entire universe, or else you'll kill everyone in it? Does this strike you all as even slightly familiar??? Could this be the distillation of centuries of Judeo-Christian "ethics" resulting in an ever increasing series of callous and bararbarous acts against the most innocent...like Jesus was...like the children of Iraq are? Is the world STILL practising child sacrifice?

Two pages later we are reminded again, "Assyria was mistress of a famed world empire and was universally hated for that reason. Nahum is the best example of a writer in this period who expresses that hatred and predicted the fall everyone wished Assyria." Sounds like a LOT of envy to me. And Nahum was only the, "best example", there were plenty of other writers as well, apparently, all saying the same thing..."kill Assyria, someone PLEASE kill Assyria". The fact that the Jews couldn't do it themselves but were desperate to have it done should sound famliar when today the descendants of those Jews, many now turned Christian, ask the United States AND ISRAEL to..."kill Assyria...one of you PLEASE, Kill Assyria". So it's called Iraq today...big deal...what goddamned difference does the name make, especially if you claim being called by the name of Christian makes you even MORE Assyrian...and it's the two offspring of that same Judaism, plus their bloody parent, that are leading the charge. We should have drowned old father Abram when we had the chance.

Can you imagine what the Jews would do if they had the wealth in artifacts we do...if they'd had the empire, the culture, the wit and wisdom we did? Can you imagine any Jew tablets, let alone thousands and thousands of them, sitting around in vaults unread for a century or more... in, "schools and museums" no less? Can you imagine what the petty Jew kings who couldn't make an "empire" an Assyrian wouldn't be ashamed of, or anyone today can find any traces of, would have done had they had the one we did? And with their glorious empire, did the Assyrians go around shoving their god into everyone's face? No, they allowed them all to worship as they pleased as long as they addmitted the ovious, Ashur was supreme...and now they have us laughing at our own god while fawning all over theirs. Assyrians my arse!

The word "empire" sounds so awful because it has come to mean robbery, pillage and enslavement. That wasn't the way it was back then. Empire was necessary, like a league, for common protection and to further the growth of civilization. It started with Sargon the Great who saw not only constant warfare between neighbors, but weakness in the region that would sooner or later be exploited by distant rulers. Bringing cities together under one person rule was a lot like bringing people under one god...it simplfied administration, gave people a common set of laws and beliefs and strengthened everyone. The Assyrians didn't create their empire so they could murder the people in it, devastate their fields or destroy their "high places" and "false" temples among others. It would have been unwise to do that anyway because it would leave their own cities defenseless...nothing but a howling wilderness between them and a distant enemy force. Their empire was created in order to facilitate growth and abundance and harmony so that the arts of civilization could develop further, in security and peace. But someone had to begin the process, someone had to take on the duties and responsibilities, military and administrative...and the best at it in their day were the Assyrians. Them Hebrews tried, lord they tried...and they had a sort of an empire for a few weeks, and then only after killing two-thirds of one group and ripping open the pregnanat women of another. The authors admit themselves that when Assyria ruled and her vassals behaved themseles, there was peace and prosperity, a "Pax Assyriaca" that benefitted everyone. Who the fuck do you think civilized those locust eating hairballs anyway...another Jew? How? By killing and stuffing them with the new WOG?

A little later we get another gem, "Ashurbanipal considered himself divinely appointed by Assur, the god of Assyria, to rule over the world. Therefore anyone who rebelled against him was guilty of heresy as well as treason and so was treated in the cruelest fashion." Right...and any Jew who rebelled against a Jew king was given a scotch and soda and told to put his feet up and rest a bit. And the popes always welcomed "heresy and treason". I mean really...this is "Theology"?...this is "Scholaraly"?...or is this Hysteria and Bullshit dressed for a night on the town?

Then some more, "But Assyria had been a whole nation dominating the world and now it was gone WITHOUT ANY SURVIVAL(emphasis mine). Thus Xenophon saw the ruins of Calah two centuries later without realizing it had been the capital of a great nation. Never was a dire prediction more lterally fulfilled than Nahum's prophecy against Assyria."

Xenophon could have walked onto main street Jerusalem in "Solomonic" times and never realized it was the capital of a, "great nation"...never mind, "two centuries later". Assyrian ruins even now are more magnificent than anything the Jews had standing at the time. Cities were sometimes abandoned soon after their completion, like Dur Sharrukin was and Ikhnaton's capital, Tell El Amarna. Besides which, the disappearance of an Assyrian city was just testimony to the thorough job of destruction wreaked against it...didn't mean the people were gone as well. Jerusalem was destroyed TWICE and no one has ever claimed the Jews disappeared. Because they didn't. They didn't become something else, "real close to being Jewish anyway"...they stayed what they were...WE are the ones who went running after them because they said we could get into their Jew heaven, if we made nice.

By this point in the book I've got a headache so I haven't been able to make any sense at all of this statement, "...it is not the fulfillment but the non-fulfilment of a prophecy that establishes its historic authenticity; though fulfillment does not prove the reverse." Is it just me, or does this statement not make any sense?

After succeeding in killing a lot of Jews and stuffing Yahwe down the throats of the survivors, Josiah is killed in battle against the Egyptians at Megiddo. The Jews go on killing each other for a few more years till the Babylonians take a bunch of them to Babylon in 597 BC, just to try to civilize them a bit and bring some peace to the land. But, the ones they leave behind take to killing each other so a few years later they all get hauled away to obediance class and Jerusalem is destroyed. Some years after that Cyrus defeats the Babylonians and decides to let the Jews go back to Israel...maybe they've learned to behave. Oddly enough though very few take him up on this offer...the first real sign of good sense these people had displayed till then.

Now this presents the authors with a sticky situation. You'll recall the last time the Jews were hauled away for education and got "lost" in Assyria...never returned to sheepsitland. Well now they don't want to leave Babylon either...and why would they? In fact you could say that being sent to Assyria and Babylon was being "rescued"...while being returned to Jerusalem was "Exile". In both cases they were allowed to pray to Yahwe and have their temples...they weren't allowed to kill their children, however, and that certainly must have been rough on them...but in every other way they prospered...in fact it was the wealthy Jews of Babylon who paid for the restoration of the Temple and other works when a handful of Jews finally did go back...and these must have left, not for love of desert wastelands, but because they hadn't made it in Babylon and were probably paid to go...cause it didn't look good if they ALL stayed. The rich and prosperous Jews weren't about to give up Babylon for Jerusalem...they weren't stupid after all...just pig ignorant infanticides, till we taught them better.

The authors finally come up with this..."Jews now had been living in exile, either in Babylon or in Egypt, for at least two generations. probably they were accustomed to life in these countries, and at least in the case of the Babylonian community, we have evidence that there was some measure of prosperity. Accordingly, only a minority of Jews decided to return to Judah when the opportunity to do so arose."

That paragraph is a marvel of "creative writing"...like the entire bible only more so...more suited to slip by without comment. I mean if you aren't Assyrian, what reason would you have to question any of these "scholarly" assertions...and if you are, how the hell can you NOT? First of all, just what is "exile"? They were taken against their will it's true. But by the standards of that day, and by the example of the Jews themselves who killed two-thirds of the Moabite population outright, no "exile" for Moabites because there was barely enough sheepsit and honey to go around back in Jerusalem... they could have just as easily all been killed. They were rebels and rebels get treated harshly, they always have...they'd have to be or there would be chaos and someone else would march in anyway.

And in only "two generations", that's barely from mother to grandaughter, Jews born in Babylon and told of the wonders of goat turds and sheepshit with a side of locusts, didn't yearn to go back? Now why was that?

What kind of exile was it? They weren't enslaved. Their king and his family were well treated. They even prospered...presumably far more than they could have back in goatshitland. Babylon was the center of the world then, even after it was captured by the Medes it remained the commercial and cultural center of that entire region until the Mongol invasion in the 13th Century AD. That's some track record. So the Jews went from Jerusalem to Babylon...like going from New Jersey to Paris, where they learned to bathe, learned finance, where several worked for Babylonian banking firms and learned useful tricks and scams...learned trade and commerce, arts, crafts, music, legend, myth, science, math, medicine and such...and many of them got up high in government service...no one said they were born incompetants...just ignorant and uncultured, that's all. Given the choice they knew what was what. Go back to Judah, for what?...to kill each other, to kill their own children as sacrifices, "for god", some more and eat raw honey and bugs...Jew "cuisine" while there were 300 recipes for bread alone among the Assyrians?

The "opportunity" to return was granted to them...they didn't ask for it or earn it. And when it came right down to it, the majority chose to stay. But you aren't told any of this outright. What you've been told to this point is that Jews were happy being Jews and they could only BE Jews in Israel, and then only in Judah, and then finally only in Jerusalem because they were fighting among each other and killing each other, hated by each other and tearing down and destroying, "Solomonic" buildings...being the kind of uncivilized people the Egyptians could periodically stir up to harrass the Babylonians and then the Persians. Nowhere do the authors confront this odd fact, which even they can't deny, that the Jews were well treated by everyone back then EXCEPT by other Jews...that they benefitted greatly from their contact with Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Persia...so much so that they didn't want to leave the last three...and that if you discount the animal and human sacrific, the murder of their own children as "offerings" and other bloody and awful bullshit in the bible...what you have left is Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek and Persian wisdom, decency, culture and experience in that book...that the best part of it, and them, they got from us...and as usual with them people...they took all the credit, sold us a bill of goods on top of it...and we BELIEVE them to this day...and, I feel constrained to point out, they're just about to finish us off, with OUR blessing!!!

Our own writers and thinkers haven't the vaguest clue of how to use laguage...know nothing of its nuances, shadings, complex sentence structure. Their thoughts aren't complex to begin with...they believe clumsiness is an art, that simplistic foolishness is "honesty"...they claim they are straightforward and blunt when they lack imagination and skill. They say things like, "Arab Bad...Christian Good"...black is black...white is white...what is gray"? I could see by my limited dealing with them that the only person they are fit to discourse with is another fool as barbaric as they are...which is why they only preach to the savages in the choir...why they can't formulate an argument to save their lives...and why they never seek the limelight unless they feel forced to "protest". They are almost inbred "banners" and "deleters" because it's the only way they have of evening up the score, so fucking handicapped are they by the accumulated self-destructive nonsense of their "new and improved religion" and the self-loathing it's imparted to their children, which they've been spoon-fed up the wazoo since before birth almost...born into Assyrian-hating homes, where Christ, the Jew, holds center stage...and why?...because after several lifetimes of infamy and shame...we get to go see HIM AND HIS JEW FATHER!

The good news is that these sorts of Assyrians disgust their own children so we shouldn't have too may more of them, from the same bloodline that is. We've got people like Jackie Bejan, Golani and my cousin Robert DeKelaita instead (somebody tell Nimrod he died already), the "new and improved Assyrian" who's grooming his own hairy arse to be a more sophisticated version of the same sorts of snakes and rats we've had till now. He fancies himself quite the orator and filosofer for the same reason all our great thinkers are; they managed to get through college. If he suceeds in fooling anyone it will only be because we've grown as "sophisticated" as he has, where it doesn't count... pig-ignorant where it does... and just as gullible as we ever were.

-- pancho
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