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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Sunday, March 02, 2003 at 11:05PM :

In Reply to: Re: Them Jews posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 1:52PM :

: There is only so much money in our community to get things done...and since we make no sense to anyone outside our community, we dasnīt go looking for other money.

: When we started the Ashurbanipal people told me to go to MarDinkha for help, an endorsement, a kind word, anything. I did...but I wouldnīt kiss his fucking finger because for all I know thatīs the finger he fucks with. I shook his hand though and even that felt creepy...I mean what was I DOING there in the first place...what did a Jew Christian have to do with a statue of an Assyrian king.

: Anyway he listened politely while his minions crawled around on the floor getting us tea. In the end he said he couldnīt do anything but pray for our of the times I wish I had done the right thing...told the fucker off.

: But I understand, the amount of money we would need, though small by real human standards was still a lot of money to pull out of the community and Iīm sure he needed a new Benz.

: Same thing happened with Mar Ibrahim, the Chaldean hetman...he too listened politely, he even said he would allow me to address their congregation...then thought better of it...the same guy who told Father Bewnny he could only take so much money from HIS parisioners to help starving Assyrians in Georgia...because HE wants the money.

: Mar Dinkha and the rest of them donīt serve any Assyrian purpose...they serve the yarmulka wearing pope in Rome, or our own bearded monkeys...these people are about as Assyrian as Hanna Hajjar is. These are Christians whoīve tacked "Assyrian" onto a crucifix, or a building because they donīt want to be known as "Arabs"...thatīs all.

Well, this is another big proplem that is hunting us all the times , All those Assyrian Christians and their dick head leaders can not or don't want to understand that who Arabs are. It does not go to their dum Ass heads that our forefathers lived with Arabs and turks alike for centuries without any blood spilling till those Christian missioners showed up (shit for brain).Don't you think if they were the followers of Mohamad instead of sweet ass Jesus by now we had a country of our own , our woman wouldn't have been raped, our children murdered and all those brave Assyrians killed for no cause just because they believed in A Jew boy.
If pope just let the Assyrian's Churh have only 5% of his wealth, they don't need to drain or milk the Assyrian parishers pety money wich most of them earn it with sweat and hard work(blood money). My dear Pancho,you know what? Fuck'm All,That's what told A big Bull to another big Bull.
The ones who race to kiss his finger are the ones who always betray him.

-- Gandhi
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