Firas Jatou And His Menstrual Cycle

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, March 03, 2003 at 6:44PM :

...he looks "manly" enough...has that square jaw, like a 56 Studebaker...his handshake is firm enough, he manages to almost look you in the eyes every now and then...going by what we usually produce to bore our poor women with...he isn´t all that bad.

I asked him once why all the banning and deleting...he said, "people were complaining"...these must be the same people who "complain" to the world about the raw deal they the rest of us are sitting pretty.

It´s getting to be a regular thing with them...must be timed to Firas´cycle. They Protest about once a month. Now it´s O´Reiley who´s got them pissed because he said they don´t to prove him wrong they´re going to Protest. Then, after that doesn´t change a dman thing, and Firas changes his underpants...they´ll sit back and give everyone advice on how best to get these Christians an enclave, never mind the blood...cause it´s gonna be someone else´s, not theirs...and someone else will do the killing. A win-win all around for them.

I too Protest...these are NOT Assyrians. There are Assyrians in the world to be sure...these are Christians first and Assyrians ever Protested without first he or she DID something to make their case. Assyrians were never known historically as "Great Protesters"...they were "Great Achievers"...if these Christian rags want to prove they are Assyrian...let them do SOMETHING Assyrian.

note: Try a Midol once in awhile...and keep your knees together more often.

-- pancho
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