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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, March 03, 2003 at 7:10PM :

In Reply to: From Such Beginnings posted by pancho from ( on Monday, March 03, 2003 at 2:07PM :

Just look at the advantage theyīve given themselves over us...every asshole with a degree or several of them (degrees)...even a flunky like Ross, is used to...expects to have...and is accorded every right and privillege to make whatever harebrained comments he or she wants to based on "research". In the same book, paragraph and sentence they can sing their own praises to the skies and make the most horrendous comments about us...and you THANK them for it!

But an Assyrian....canīt but help feel like heīs challenging the very standards of common decency and the pillars of civilization if he dares to even ask for a fair shake...let alone take after them Hebrews with anywhere near the same reckless abandon they attack us with...And who now is most upset by these "attacks" on the bible and its nonsense...why "Assyrians"...who else..."Dear Jew Master...he doesnīt know what heīs saying...he canīt even sculpt". Gimme a break.

And another thing...I no longer buy the story that all those thousands of clay tablets still un-read have only, "boring and dull business documents in them"...while the Hebrews, who must have conducted SOME business though oddly enough they havenīt left a SINGLE "boring" document...who had no Art and Culture to speak of that anyone can find...ONLY produced "magnificent literature".

How the hell come it took so many years and such a Byzantine path of events to finally get the Dead Sea Scrolls out in public...and then only because someone snatched them off the internet where theyīd been placed by accident...maybe.

Letīs stop providing scholarships for would be doctors and lawyers who can get loans and whose degrees arenīt going to do a damn thing to promote our heritage...unless you think an Assyrian driving a Rolex is "Heritage". Can you imagine the charges of "treason" and "crime" and "cover-up" ol Peter "I Have A List" BetJizzim and Firas "I Protest" Jatou would level at Saddam if he kept these things locked up? What more you guys want the Iraqis to do to preserve Assyria? Youīre the assholes calling for war against your "dear" homeland...because now itīs your turn to proxy of one ever accused you guys of being bloodthristy...or honest...or courageous...or bright...or verbal...or intelligent or educated or anything but a pack of Protesting Hyenas.

Assyrians YOUR Arse!

-- pancho
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