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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, March 04, 2003 at 12:02PM :

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Subject: Correspondence From Congressman Sander Levin
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 11:43:32 -0500
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To: <>

March 4, 2003

Mr. Jeffrey Atto
Royal Oak, Michigan XXXXX

Dear Mr. Atto:

That you for contacting me about the situation with Iraq. I share your
concern and appreciate hearing from you on this very important matter.

From the very beginning I have been dismayed by the Bush Administration's
approach to Iraq. The issue was not the need for elimination of Iraq's
weapons of mass destruction. That was necessary.

My deep concerns included:

1. The United States using its unique superpower status to adopt a
go-it-alone approach, rather than adopting an approach to serious
international problems that focuses on multilateral action through the
United Nations.

2. The Administration not only emphasizing unilateral action, but doing
so within a new broad policy of pre-emptive action, described in its
National Security Strategy of the United States released September 20,

3. A dismissal of the political consequences of this emphasis on
unilateral rather than collective action; including, maximizing the
chances that Saddam Hussein disarm through the inspections process and
minimizing increased hostility toward the U.S. in an already inflamed part
of the world.

4. The constantly changing goal of the Administration from disarmament
of weapons of mass destruction to regime change.

All of these problems were embedded in the President's Resolution of last
fall which also did not require further opportunity for review by Congress
before the U.S. embarked on unilateral action outside of a U.N.
resolution. I spoke and voted against this Resolution. I supported
instead an alternative offered by Rep. John Spratt which responded to the
concerns mentioned above.

While the President criticized the opponents of his Resolution, I believe
the strong support for the approach outlined in the Spratt alternative and
in the alternative presented by Senator Carl Levin, helped press the
President into going to the United Nations, and resulted in U.N.
Resolution 1441.

Clearly, the time for Iraq to comply with 1441 is narrowing. It is vital
that this time be used to strengthen the inspections process to the
fullest extent and it build the broadest possible international coalition
to enforce the provisions of 1441.

I remain dedicated to the proposition that multilateral action through
the U.N. remains the best course for maximizing any chance of full
compliance by Iraq and for diminishing adverse consequences of military
action to enforce the Resolution.

Thank you again for writing. Please be assured of my continued close
attention to this issue.


Sander M. Levin
Member of Congress


-- Jeff
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