Gullible´s Travels

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, March 05, 2003 at 5:51PM :

Gullible's Travels

What do you say to someone who believes the bible...especially if that person has nuclear weapons and hasn't minded causing the death by starvation and easily preventable diseases of over a half million innocent children? If someone today said he heard god's angels tell him there was a new way to be, and if no one listened he could cut the non-believers up and make them bleed till they were convinced...what would we do? We'd fry the fucker or put him in jail for life. But not them Hebrews and Christians...they put the man in a bible and brag to their kids about it.

All of them...all three sisters from hell were born of ignorance, superstition, forced conversions, in child sacrifice and murder, at a time when people didn't know where the sun went at night or what soap was for...all of them. The Jews killed each other over the TRUE WOG...they gave birth to the Christians who killed each other and anyone else they could get a hold of for their own version of the TRUE WOG...and then the Muslims came along and killed a whole bunch more people for their new and improved version of the REALLY TRUE WOG. Is it any wonder we're still at the old stand? Why would you ever stop? Would you stop even if two of the sisters got wiped out? NO! They've all been killing THEIR OWN KIND as there's no end in sight...murder begets murder...a wise Assyrian said so. isn't true that, "Man would be as murderous without these three sisters...that these three in fact cut down on the number of murders". Bullshit...that's their own rationale. Abdul Aziz Saud wisely said that in political conflicts compromise was possible, even desirable, but that in religious disputes you had to kill everybody. So many of the murders were committed BECAUSE of these WOGS. And the few sensible, humane people running for cover among all this bloodshed cannot be pointed to as examples of the finer influences of the WOGS, the ones who "got it right"...they would have been who they were regardless. Jesus might have never been born and people would have been kind to their children regardless, but if his murder, if his "mission"...if his "unheeded call" hadn't been laid at the doorstep of his own people...six million Jews, just to name the latest example...would have had to have been murdered for another reason...if at all.

It was Murder that won out, not charity or forgiveness. Anyone getting that message from Jesus was branded a heretic and killed, LIKE HE WAS...and eventually the most kick-ass Christians of them all, Protestant Puritans, would come to resemble them old time bloodlusting and grouchy Prophets more than Jesus.

Take away Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek influences from the bible and you're left with animal and human sacrifice. Take it all the way to its culmination, to the "new" testament and you have the fulfillment of all that prepatory gore in the murder of an innocnet son at his father's insistance...and this is the beginning of the religion of "love". What is it with we love murder? What did the Jews, who started this all, have to offer anyone? Why would you want to become one? The answer is you wouldn't...that this new WOG of their's was a "Josianic" fraud from the beginning that triumphed only through murder and mayhem...committed against their own people cause those were the only ones they could lay their bloody hands on at first...and later they had not the means to do it and so they wisely "refrained" from prosletyzing...murder by any other name.

Pity them Hebrews...caught between the magnificent kingdoms...Egypt, Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, Persia and their warm piss river, the Jordan, with the majestic Nile...the Tigris and Euphrates. Think of them there having to sneak into Egypt periodically to grow their food because their own lands were covered with goat turds and dust. Think of them practically giving themselves over to enslavement, walking into it on their own steam, by Ramses...multiplying to the point that he ordered their infants drowned like rats and their parents put to useful work. How galling it must have been to have had no means or ability of defence, their one brief moment of a "united kingdom" having only come through force because they couldn't stand each have been constantly at each other's throats so that unity against a foe was have been a ready labor force for whichever of their neighbors needed extra farm hands and servants...taken first here, then transported there...not even wishing to go back when they had the "opportunity" so little of that article was there waiting them in their "holy" manure patch.

Who needs a Messiah? Did the Assyrians need one? Were they so piss poor they could only sit and wail their lot and hope for better days somewhere else? When they looked out over their lands did they see a desert filled with goat and sheep turds...or did fertile fields of grains and gardens and orchards and waving palms greet them? When they approached Nineveh did they behold a hillside held up with a magninficent "Solomonic" buttress...or a gleaming city of brilliantly glazed bricks reflecting the sunshine that could be seen from miles away dotted with immense statues that still catch your breath all these centuries later...the cool shady waters of the rivers busy with oar and sail, he gleaming ribbons of canals feeding lush vegetation...herds of animals as far as the eye could see...temples worthy of the name rising higher than anything else visible topped by gold domed houses for their gods. What need of an afterlife to "compensate" them for anything did the Assyrians or Babylonians have? They had their paradise right there on earth. Wherever the Garden of Eden was, it wasn't in Jerusalem. When life ended, it ended...the party was over and it was no real concern of theirs what came pleasant and abundant had life been for them already...what could compare with Nineveh in the spring...where WOULDN'T you want to go to get away from Jerusalem?

Tired of being bedraggled, bereft, shat upon by anyone who passed through...the Jews dreamed of a Savior, of a heaven somewhere as men trapped in a prison do, who dream of release from their "Vale of Tears"...because in Israel all they did was weep, and for good reason too. The promise of a Deliverer was something they needed desperately to make their miserable lives bearable.

Compare the narrow, puny and bloody perspective this constipated way of life imparted to the Hebrews...that forced them to their incessant quest for a "better way"...for an "End of Their Miserable Days"...the promise of a "New Beginning AND MAKE IT SNAPPY GODDAMN IT WE'RE DROWNIG IN SHEEPSHIT!" Compare that to the humane and sane image that emerges from the Gilgamesh Epic ver a thousand years earlier. At the beginning Gilgamesh is behaving as any Jew Patriarch would...he's tormenting his own people, sleeping with whom he pleases, disregarding their welfare and his obligations to them. In the beginning he has it in him to ask those "Big National Questions" know the ones that drive a person insane that are brought on by frustration, envy and a superabunance of goat turds, "why are we here"..."where did we come from"...why do we die"..."is there something after"..."am I really just going to become a handful of fertilizer...after the worms turn even me to shit...? These are BIG QUESTIONS...for people with not much to do and not much of hope in this life. They are things people can torment themselves with...and kill each other over when someone refuses to buy your own fairy-tale version that gives you "hope" any child afraid of the dark. Fine...keep these fantasies fit for children...but for everyone's sake don't hand these frightened children an atom bomb and tell them those other children are evil and should be killed because they believe in a different fairy tale.

When Enkidu dies and Gilgamesh sees the terrible worms getting ready to chow down, he throws a typical Jew coniption fit...he wails, he weeps, he probably even gnashes, hell he probably rends his clothes too. Later he sets out for the ends of the earth seeking answers to the BIG NATIONAL QUESTIONS. He goes up mountain and down valley...he encounters this one and that one...he sets eyes on Utnapishtim even (you know, the guy who "followed" in Noah's footsteps...1000 years BEFORE Noah had feet) and has a brush with imortality but blows it. Just before he returns, disconsolate, he meets a divine is that lovely or treacherous Eve, just a lusty lass with a tall cool one and some good sense...who says to him...

Gilgamesh, whither runnest thou?
The life which thou seekest thou wilt not find.
When the gods created mankind,
They alloted death to mankind;
Life they retained in their own keeping.
O Gilgamesh, let thy belly be full,
Day and night be thou merry!
Make every day one of rejoicing,
Day and night, dance and play!
Let thy clothes be clean,
Thy head washed
And thy self bathed in water.
Cherish the little one holding thy hand
Let thy wife rejoice in thy bosom.
This is the lot of mankind.

Makes you want to weep in its simple elegance. These are pagans? These barbarians? The people of Mesopotamia had abundant water to bathe in AND frolic in...they had choce fabric for clothes (Joseph's "multi-colored coat" is Jewspeak for a raggedy thing made from numerous patches), they had all manner of wealth, they had good reason to rejoice, they had occasion to dance and be merry, they had food with which to fill their bellies and they had soap...they could enjoy their children because they didn't slit their throats at the first sign of disaster...and they clasped their wives to them rather than their daughters or their wives' handmaid's, neices, cousins, sisters and heifers.

It works both ways...people get the god they deserve and he gets the kinds of people he has coming. An envious, jealous god is not one wo can live and let live...he is one who has to be supreme, not by any innate right or superiority, but by murder and rape and pillage and ripping open pregnan women...if it has to come to it...and with them Hebrews, it did have to come to it. Says so in their own book...that pretty soon it was Jerusalem against all the other Jews and they fought and slaughtered until others stepped in and broke them up.

From the start Ashur was tolerant, Tiamat counseled forgiveness...Ashur was grand enough to make way for other gods, even in his own capital city. The one time Solomon tried that, built temples to accomodate the gods of his foreign born wives it was called an abomination, a sacrilege and people had to die for it. A god whose people can only manage to get kicked from pillar to post develop a certain yelpiness...they have to learn to savor see every insult hurled their way as a mark of their god's greater "affection" for them...well what else could they do? The Assyrians seldom experienced the defeat, the constant upheavals the Hebrews did...they expected their god to promote their interests and so they played the part...they learned what needed to be done to deserve such a god...and in turn he got people worthy of him and his expectations.

These things seldom last long...and yet the Assyrian had a good run of it. When Ashur abandoned them, they left him. They didn't hang on trying to rationalize his evident lack of interest in their continued welfare or learn to savor neglect and defeat and least the ones who didn't adopt this Jew thing called Christianity. Maybe it's better sometimes to got out standing...rather than live crawling around.

I'll say it again...there isn't a thing Assyrian or Mesopotamian in elemental Jew/Christian/Muslim beliefs...not a thing...and any decency in them comes from other places...just as we civilized the desert also did we try to civilize the Jew and Christian. But in the end we gave away too much, way too much...and now all three of them are back at us again...the Jew wants us crushed and despoiled...the Christian too. Only the Muslim, because it is now the land of Islam, has an interest in maintaining the integrity of Assyria...and he will have to become more Assyrian than Muslim, Jew or do it.

Christianity "triumphed" because of the murderous and marvellously well administered Roman Empire...the Jews persisted because they had nothing else of any worth to cling to...and because they weren't welcome wherever they went, except among the Muslims. Islam derives its strength from the best there is in Judaisim and Christianity...via Mesopotamia.

And we dumb clucks...if indeed we are Assyrian, gave up our beliefs because in the end we could not commit murder as fast...because our best people died in defense of their ways...not "martyred", but kicking and slashing...and the remnant, so well aware of their shortcomings, turned away from Ashur because they were not worthy and went to beg a better existence at the foot of the Jews, in another life...having made a mess of this one.

There is no going back to Ashur...that is over. It doesn't mean however that we have to cheer at our own demise...that we have to help wipe our own history out...that we have to fawn over people who are no friends of ours simply because they gave us a warm spot by their yankeedoodledoo fire.

There is a way to be Assyrian in the modern era...we just have to find it.

-- pancho
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